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Cloning yourself with Blender


Every now and then we happen to see Blender being used in an innovative way, from Desktop Publishing to (it seems) whatever you can think of.

The artist Bert Simons, for example, uses Blender in the process of making very cool papercrafts.

After some thinking, he decided to go a step further:

Since a while I am in my midlife crisis, thinking a lot about the purpose of my life, what will remain and things like that. Since I don't have a specific talent to make my mark nor even managed to arrange some kids to reflect my existence or even have a beloved one that will never forget me I guess I am just one of many who just will be forgotten..That sucks, but instead of endulging my self into depression I desperatly started looking for a solution and I came up with this idea..

I decided to clone myself...

See for yourself and, if you wish, print the PDF file to make your 'personal Bert', although it can be pretty weird to hang on a human (paper) head in your wall. =)

Make sure you don't miss his other works.

Thanks to Jan Schäfer for the tip.

About the Author

Avatar image for Virgilio Vasconcelos
Virgilio Vasconcelos

Brazilian animator who uses Blender since 2003. Professor of 3D (with Blender, of course) and Digital 2D animation at UFMG (Federal University, Minas Gerais' state), Brazil. Writer of Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook, from Packt Publishing. Has a MFA degree with a research involving tools for free character deformation in 3D and is now performing a PhD research on distributed creation of media and animation.


  1. Prof. Henry Higgins on

    Instead of "blendernationed" maybe one could say the website has blunderd.

    blunder - verb (past: blunderd) to become dysfunctional, unreliable, inefficient, etc. because of an inability to withstand use by the Blender user community.

  2. Prof. Henry Higgins on

    blunder - noun - a computer program with qualities opposite to that of Blender, i.e. poor quality, inefficient, sluggish, resource hungry, expensive, inflexible, slow development, etc.

  3. I use blunder all day every day. it's so bad that it isn't even labeled right. It comes up saying "Windows" all the time for some reason.

  4. haha good jokes, but back to topic:

    some very nice results of papersculpting on that site(i've seen it before it went down overblundered). I thought also about doing such stuff but such a nice results discouraged me! :)

  5. Gee that was a depressing read.

    It's hard to imagine myself, so depressed that I'd need to make a paper version of myself to gain self worth. But hey, I'm not complaining, it's very cool, and it would be interesting to try it. Just a little bit :[ the way it was described.

  6. Ah, what a lot of work must be involved there. Looks great!!!

    ot: bert's father was the inventor of jetpacks (according to his site) and I love jetpacks :D

  7. This is so cool! It works well for someone with your good looks. I like the idea of cloning myself, but I want a better looking me. Maybe I could start with the realistic me and use the proportional editing tool before rendering out all the pieces. Sort of a digital plastic surgery!

  8. Bert, you could gain fame, fortune and immortality by turning this idea into a business venture. Patent the idea and then start a website selling celebrity paper head kits as pdf downloads.

    I'm not sure about the legality of doing living celebrities but some classics would probably be more popular anyway... Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Julius Caesar, Queen Victoria, Hitler, etc.

  9. Or what about doing the 4 characters from Big Buck Bunny?

    I think kids (and big kids) would love a Big Buck Bunny Blenderhead as a craft project.

  10. Bonehead:

    I have off course tought of that.. but all those people are dead..
    so unfortunatly there are no 5mp photos around of julius ceasar to use as a texture map and I wonder if
    they have embalsemed elvis and let me unwrap him to take up his measures..:-)

  11. There's plenty of busts of Julius Caesar (and other classical characters) in various museums. You could take photos then artificially colour them based on descriptions from the time. I believe the historian Plutarch described him as a "pasty faced nob head" ;)

    And a trip to Madam Tussauds would get you the high res pics you need for lots of classic and current celebrities...

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