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Quick3D - Free Embedded 3D player


Quick3D is a Java applet for displaying interactive 3D objects on a webpage. It reads 3DS objects which can be easily exported from Blender. Who's going to create the coolest example with this applet?

The author writes:

In the future I'll try to implement support for reading texture maps, transparency and metal textures, key frame animations etc. A donation would help me to do this!


About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. @macouno: probably, yes. In fact, I like Flash a lot more for this kind of application than Java. If there's a 3D viewer in Flash/Papervision that can read some kind of file that Blender can easily export, that would be great!

  2. Hey bart, well papervision has collada support... which we can export. I think there's an article on here about papervision export as well... But it'd be lovely if we could just upload the collada file and add the flash element to a page with a link to the collada file as a var.

    I have some flash devs around me here at the office, but they don't seem too enthusiastic about spending their free time on it... I might have a poke at it myself, though I'm a complete actionscript noob.

  3. This looks great. It could be just the thing for a product design portfolio website.

    And it's free, unlike Flash. And is Papervision interactive anyway?

    Are Java applets a bad thing these days? Do lots of people really deactivate Java?

    I hope Quick3D contiunes to develop. Any chance of incorporating Set Smooth and Subsurfs? How do we donate the project?

  4. Looks really interesting, nice work. I know JAVA is up to date and all but to me it just seems kind of antiquated compared to other web plug-ins.

    I have mentioned a few times about Blender and Flash in various other posts here (seemed to go unnoticed largely). I really wish there was some exporter built into Blender for SWF output. I just think it would be a huge feature for Blender and increase its user base by quite a bit to have built in export support (like sflender tried to do).

    sflender (looked good back when it was developed, but sadly never was fully developed)

    The Flash 3D scene is moving rapidly.... I just wish sflender had remained current.

    Again really nice work on the Quick3D, that should be a very useful tool. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yeah, I guess an interactive SWF file exporter would be even better. And wouldn't require owning a copy of Flash either.

    Hmmmm, imagine the possibilities. There must be some Blender/Python/ActionScript boffins out there looking for fame... and even fortune, cos I would pay for that kinda plugin.

  6. Yeah, we have Barts official support ;-)

    @ Bart, now how can it become a reality ? ;-) (pull some strings Bart, spread the word, contact the needed parties, etc... etc... ;-)

    There was already a proof of concept in s2flender & swfexport back in Blender 2.35 so surely with all the advancements under the hood of Blender it should be even more capable to do such things now, both in coding it and in the features it could have - right ? ;-)

    I just think it would bring alot of positive attention to Blender, from the enormous Flash community and help with spreading the Blender goodness to a larger mainstream audience. (read my previous comments I went into more detail in previous posts in the past about it ;-)

    Anyway, glad to have your support also Bart! Thanks! Now what can be done ? ;-)

  7. @ Bart:

    What do you mean setup a project?

    Unfortunatly I dont have the abilities to do this type of thing myself (Understanding of the core Flash Player code SDK / Blender SDK / Python etc..). However I have suggested this idea for past Blender Summer of Codes, I have posted about it here on BN in every relevant article hoping to garner interest from someone to fulfill this functionality. I have the passion to see it come to fruition (both in interest of Blender and Flash) but not the resources/know how. BN is about my only entry point into the world of Blender and I dont personally know other users etc... I have a great passion for Blender but I dont really have an active state within the community. I did contact Alessandro Crugnola, from (1.5-2 years ago or so) because he is very well versed in both Python and Flash (and I found his name relating to Blender somewhere if I recall) and I made him aware of everything I have tried to express through BN over many posts, however I never heard back from him (no doubt he is very busy ;-) or was not interested.

    I dont really know of anyone else to approach whom knows the Flash / Blender / Python platforms to accomplish this.

    Ah... I wish I could do something... If I am miss understanding what you mean by "set up a project" please advise. What I meant about you pulling strings is contact some folks that maybe could pull it off and or have the skills to accomplish such a thing and see if they are interested. Your Blender resource/contact pool is 1000000% bigger than mine ;-)

    Someday I trust this will happen, I keep believing it will! But how/when I dont know ;-)

  8. I've written something similar to this using a python export script within Blender and a Java applet viewer. An example is here, and a rough howto video here

    I really loved the old Blender browser plugin -- the Blender game engine was embedded and it was extremely easy to make interactive content for online delivery. I've been struggling to recapture that capability recently...

  9. Hi everybody,

    I'm new to all this and been teaching myself Blender and the whole 3D modelling
    and animations stuff a little over a year now.
    I was looking for new stuff to learned and download when I came to this page and read
    all your posts. I'm no expert or that knowlegdeable yet but I'm good at jury-rigging what
    little I have learn.
    I made an animation and render as a AVI file then I uses an AVI to SWF converter I
    got from Major Geek or someplace like that and it play on my Flash player or srceen saver-
    maker program but I hear what you are all saying and I agreed with it. I would like to do it
    myself but I'm also new to programing and I bearly started trying to learn python coding.
    So maybe this will help in the meantime.

    Get Blend,


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