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Cloth now on SVN trunk!


Cloth!As you may remember, we have talked about the development of a cloth modifier for Blender before (1, 2).

Now we come back with this to let you know about the latest announcement from Daniel Genrich (a.k.a genscher): the code is now in SVN trunk! There are even two more videos showing what you can do with it.

So... what are you waiting for? Just go to, download the build and play with it! =)

*In the time of writing this, there was only Windows and Mac OSX builds available, but it's just a matter of time until we have builds for all Operating Systems.

About the Author

Avatar image for Virgilio Vasconcelos
Virgilio Vasconcelos

Brazilian animator who uses Blender since 2003. Professor of 3D (with Blender, of course) and Digital 2D animation at UFMG (Federal University, Minas Gerais' state), Brazil. Writer of Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook, from Packt Publishing. Has a MFA degree with a research involving tools for free character deformation in 3D and is now performing a PhD research on distributed creation of media and animation.


  1. @Dusty : no they develop this just for the fun of it and it will never make its way to the final build. :D <-- dumb answer

    ;) Honestly, can't wait for all the goodies to come out...

    So I will download the SVN version. They are pretty stable actually. Most of the time.

  2. I have looked at the video demos, and I must say that it is very impressive !

    It is a great tool!

    @Daniel : Thank you a lot for providing this jewel to the community !

  3. wow... this cloth is beautiful, a true gem

    major respect to Daniel Genrich!!!

    i know it's not final or anything but i really think the code needs to support multithreading or be sped up in some way.... i'm running it on 25% quality and when a few more vertices come into play it takes a LONG time to calculate (collisions)...

    but regardless,,, WOW

  4. Hello,

    thank you for your feedback!

    And yes, it's by all means not finished (is there something ever finished?) :)

    @wayne: The quality settings is not meant to be in percent. Saying that, quality only needs to be higher if e.g. collisions fail. Otherwise you're getting pretty results also using Quality=5-8 :)


  5. @wayne
    It already uses multithreading on steroids called OpenMP. In here you have a master thread that could spawn slave thread of multiple processors. According to Gensher, OpenMP alone boosted the solving speed to 25%. During the physic unification meeting last year, it was the consensus that OpenMP be used for the other sim modules (like fluid, softbody).
    I'm no expert, but this sounds like that in the future you could run massive fluid sims on a cluster.

    Besides, collisions are the most calculation intensive part of any simulation. If this is of any comfort, massive Hollywood renderfarms takes hours and hours just to simulate these kind of stuff.

  6. Convert object quads to triangles,this is the different between clothes and soft body functions.Yes it need to be recode were clothes automatically convert objects.Trial and errors will help better this wonderful features in blender.

  7. @Toontje
    how do i use openMP? because on my quad-core cloth simming is only using one core...

    thanks very much... a few suggestions:
    presets - presets for different materials like silk, cotton, denim etc
    bake - a button to simulate / bake the cloth. using alt-a to sim can be frustrating if you just want to view your animation and not sim the cloth. (unless there's another way around this)
    holiday - you deserve one... take a break man!

  8. @Wayne

    That is a good question.... Maybe Genscher can shed some light on it?
    But OpenMP is an API, and not a Blender feature or something.
    Yes theoretically 4 cores should give 4x times the processing power, but in reality, 4 cores uses the same memory bus, so bandwidth is limited here which translate to less than expected performance. But you said only one core is working? Again, Gensher could give a meaningful answer.. maybe it isn't applied yet?
    From my understanding, OpenMP should really shine in renderfarms. But that is just my layman's POV.

  9. @wayne
    This might help, if I'm understanding you correctly:
    You have to save the file once before the sim results get cached. It's very efficient! In fact, you can change parameters in the middle of the simulation on a frame-by-frame basis! Any part of the sim that has been cached plays back in "realtime". You can also scrub through it using a Timeline window. Sweet.

  10. Suggestion to coders they should integrate clothes features into soft body using it engine,cause to many of us think it dose not make sense why clothes should be separate - practically they both do the same simulation.Clothes engine seem to be running with sands in it engine. I think this features will a good idea ---
    Break down -- soft body modif---clothes --catalog-- in simulate -- behavior --- wood,linden,silk,cotton, and conversion of vertices's were physic can do it job.and etc.

    I hope this will work.

  11. Hello,

    @RNS: The problem was/is that cloth and softbodies are designed for completely different problems.
    That's why people complained that softbodies has problems with simulating cloth but it was never designed to do so. It is best suited for *softbodies* (like jelly, wobbling fat body, etc.).
    Cloth has a spring system specialized for cloth simulation. Also the integrator is selected for cloth simulation. But on the other side, Cloth will be slower for e.g. softbody simulation than Softbodies.
    So both simulations have their field and are bad in substituting the other one. ;)

    @Toontje: For all >gcc-4.2 users and MSVC Professional (not express version) you can use WITH_BF_OPENMP='true' (using scons) to get multithreaded fluids (Thanks to Nils Thuerey / Fluids Coder!). There is also an option for cmake.

    Why only special compilers? Because OpenMP is a compiler feature! The compiler provides the OpenMP API.


  12. @Kernon
    no you got me wrong, the engine is really fast most of the time but when i tried to do complex collisions with thousands of polygons it gets slow. so i was wondering how to multithread the simulation.

    definetly only using one core... no bandwidth issues

  13. I'm getting lots of undefined references in softbody.c, like nlMatrixAdd, nlSolveAdvanced, nlRightHandSideSet, nlDeleteContext etc. and in util.c zLhm65070058860608_br_find_exe. :(

  14. @Papasmurf:
    Why not use Bjorn old examples for softbodies? He had some animation of a dancing pant and a model walking in a dress. At the same time it would be a good comparison of how different the SB is from CS.

  15. I agree in the request for a sample. Ive tried turning the clothing on my rigged character to clothing, but no matter what i do it seems to just fall straight thru the body with gravity.

  16. BEBRAW: Yea deflection is activated, damping .1, Inner .1, Outer .02. Im thinking maybe because the objects were created in previous versions. I try adding a new cube and a new cloth plane, and they colide just fine.

  17. Ive noticed that in the new build, when you create an object and set the deflection.... a modifier is created called "Collision".

    On my body, this doesnt show up when I activate deflection, and I cant add it.

  18. and..... ive found a work around to that.....

    create a new cube and enable the deflection, select your body, then the new cube, then (ctrl-j) join the meshes

    this will transfer the ability of "collision" as a modifier to the body. Then edit the verticies to delete the cube from the body.

  19. I have been playing with this, and simply cant get my head around it. Is there a tutorial I can try out for this new sim, as I realy don't want to use softbodies. PLEASE help. Objects deflect correctly, but just falls through the walls, and if set as deflect, it "bounces" until it ends up falling off the object.

  20. OK figured it out. im gonna do a tutorial on the basics of this, wich will include: Pinning of cloth, Adding wind, etc. Like I said, this will be a basic tut aimed at newbies like me. if anyone wants me to add anything regarding cloth, just gimme a shout on [email protected]. the tut should be finished end of next week, but hopefully sooner

  21. Hello. I'm having a problem with this svn cloth... , i bake the cloth, now, i have to apply other things in scene, as fluids, for example, I saw in
    in the last part, it say:

    "If you Apply the Cloth modifier, you remove the simulation but leave the mesh intact and deformed according to that frame of the simulation.", but it doesn't work. If i apply the cloth, i havent got nothing.

    Anyone more has this problem? Any solutions?


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