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Blender Conference 2007 Suzanne Awards Winners


suzanne_winners.jpgThis year's Suzanne Award winners have been announced last Saturday Night, and all the winners received a new and improved transparent Suzanne statue ('unbreakable', according to Ton ;-)

So far, none of the Conference's video material has been published to the web. From what I heard there were problems with the server - I'm hoping that as soon as that's solved all the material will be put online, including the full Suzanne Awards presentation.

Best designed short film
Eoin Duffy - Stop
[ev type="google" data="-6804558068753558314"][/ev]

Best character animation
Juan Pablo Bouza - The dance of the bashfull dwarf

[ev type="youtube" data="eyKlkJrMrMA"][/ev]

Best short film
Astralpancakes - Night of the living dead pixels

Note: This is not the finished version that was played in Amsterdam - keep an eye on the production blog for the final cut to appear.

[ev type="youtube" data="i72W0_cUUQc"][/ev]

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Great!!. Congratulations to the winners. Specially to Juan Pablo Bouza, for designing and sharing BlenRig!. I'll stay tuned for the video recordings. :)


  2. xD woop
    can't wait to see the conference, great videos btw.

    Hope i'll manage to get to the conference myself in a couple of years.

  3. Only went the saturday and again very inspiring meeting. 5 years opensource yea!
    Soon we can celebrate blenders 10 years free download.

  4. There`s only one thing that bothers me. Don`t you think that this is strange, that the film that won in the Best short film category isn`t finished yet? I mean, I have nothing against people that made it and enjoyed watching this film as well, but I think it should have been rejected from the competition, made finished and submitted next year.

  5. mallow: well, even if it's not finished, it's finnish. so that should be enough!

    but seriously, it's full short... it's not a blender test, it's not couple of minutes of something, but it's a short movie with a plot. and in a way, it's finished. yes, they are going to tweak it... but i dont see anything wrong with that. surely we all know how hard it is to call anything finished.


  6. mallow:

    As one of the three guys involved I feel I should respond to this.

    Yeah, the version we sent to the awards was not totally complete, but it didn't lack anything critical (yeah, music makes a huge difference, but it was still quite enjoyable without it). It's not like we sent an animation that ended abruptly story-wise. We can call that copy "a festival version".

    Since we spent most of the summer working on the thing (as an internship at our school) we wanted (and still want) to get as much feedback as possible. Hence the decision to send a version without music to Suzanne. A year from now the animation probly feels tad old and getting criticism of the things that don't work in it wouldn't be as effective as now that we haven't yet moved on to next projects...

    So, I'm glad our animation was selected for the Awards in it's unpolished form and received some interest and giggles (judging from the unofficial video posted here somewhere).



  7. Jussi: what I mean is that it would be better for you (as the authors) if the film was finished. It would look even better than now (and as I said I enjoyed watching it already). So a tip for next time: don`t hurry. Finish your film, add music, cut some scenes that are too long, postprocess the video and boom, your film is 2 times better.
    And also consider this situation: imagine that you watch the Oscars Ceremony and nominated Shrek 3 isn`t a finished movie. What would you think then? That would be strange, don`t you think?
    I know that Suzanne Awards is still very young festival and that`s why there are few things that could be better.
    To the "...Dead Pixels" team: congratulations to you again. I really wish you all the best and hope I could watch some new movies from you soon. The reason why I`m writing all this: I think that all the competitors and the Suzanne Awards Festival would look 100% PRO if the movies in the Best Short Film category would all be finished movies.

    P.s. Sorry for my English, but I think you understand what I mean. Cheers

  8. Comparing the Suzanne Awards with the Oscars..... haha, yeah, we do wanna aim high..... but the oscars?..... good one, Mallow!

    Btw, one of my favourites of the festival was Blood. Didn't win though, but very cool.

  9. Sago: Hehe :) But why not? I mean these two things are different in many ways, but have something in common. It`s all about the films. I don`t say that Suzanne Awards will be some day as important as Oscars (of course, never will), but if you want to learn, than do it from the best. And there`s still many things that can be done better. Jury for example: Suzanne Awards don`t have one. People vote for the best film. Why is that? I think that there should be a jury. Of course there could be a special prize by the people`s votes, but the winners in main categories should be chosen by jury, if you ask me.
    I think the main thing is: is the Suzanne Awards Festival just for fun or do we want to promote people who make good films, encourage others to work and learn more, etc. What I mean is the more better the films, the tougher competition, the more interesting festival, the better promotion of Blender - and when Blender gets even more popular, more people use them, more films will be made leading to more submitions to the festival and so on. Full circle.
    And about the Oscars again - it`s hard to compare it with Suzanne Awards, sure. But how old are the Oscars and how old is the Suzanne Awards Festival? First Oscars ceremonies were completly different than the nowodays ceremonies. I think that the Suzanne Awards, being so young festival is doing really well and is on the right track. But why to learn on our own mistakes and wait for 70 years until there`s everything perfect? We should learn from the best. The Oscars are hell good example, but of course not only the Oscars. There are many festivals much closer to the Suzanne Awards formula. OK, that`s all folks ;) I hope you all know that I write all this to provoke a discussion and try to make Suzanne Awards even better.

    Oh yeah, and about the "Blood" film - I also enjoyed watching this one. In fact, that was my personal favorite.

  10. Hi guys,

    really exciting works in here, keep it up !

    Mallow : by the way "Apocalypse Now" won the golden palm in Cannes festival with an unfinished version ! :)

  11. Sago,

    You accidentally have your website address as which is nothing since Blender [the mustic] magazine is not working on The Peach Project. I was a bit confused until I tried and it worked!

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