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ResPower supports 2.43


armada-light.jpgYou may remember ResPower from a previous Blendernation article on distributed rendering. Its a service utilized by quite a few Blender artists. One you may be familiar with is Sacha Goedegebure's Man in Man. Now its great to hear that they support version 2.43.

They do have very reasonable rates, its a service I've used myself. The lowest pricing they have is $20 for 30 days of service with an allowance of 15 minutes in rendering time per frame. Its a great deal and worth using if its something you need. Commercially available Blender services are a plus in my book, lets hope more and more are available in the future.

ResPower said the following in their press release:

We've been supporting Blender rendering for a little over a year now, and are pleased with the reception we've received from the Blender community." says Early Ehlinger, ResPower's president. "We've been humbled by the opportunity to work with Blender artists from all over the world, and have been amazed at how quickly Blender has come to dominate our 'Rendered At ResPower' gallery. We're excited to provide support for the latest release and are hopeful that we can provide improvements to Blender that benefit the entire Blender user community.

If you'd like to read the full press release you can find it here.


  1. it would be interesting to see how the respower render farm looks like. are there some images of the server rooms somewhere? i am just curious. :)

  2. Rendering a big movie costs about 6 days and a lot of money. 4000 Dollars. Phew.
    But on my pc it would take a year :P .
    A movie with 127500 frames and 8 minutes per frame. That's like wow for the time but yuck for the money.

    Are subscriptions cheaper?

  3. yes, i think subscriptions are much cheaper. for your project you could use the $20 per month subscription if i understand this correctly.

  4. AniCator you are looking at the per frame cost. Per frame will always cost more. The advantage is that your frames get priority. Blender does have some great subscription pricing. You can see the available options here:

    They also have a $100 dollar deal that allows two people to access the subscription and allows I think 90 minutes a frame.

  5. Actually, YAFRAY + Blender 2.43 isn't supported just yet. It'll probably be sometime next week.

    $4k?! I'm not charging enough!! Actually, I need to move the part in the cost guestimator that says "Subscribers pay : $0.00" right above that and make it a bigger font. A lot of people go through the guestimator, see the huge price, and then don't bother to look one line down and see that it's nearly free by comparison.

    Pictures: not sure if the form will auto-link or not:

    If it doesn't turn into a link automagically, I'm sure you're all smart enough to copy and paste the URL's into your browser ;-) The thumb is 320x480, the biggie is 683x1024

  6. I'll maybe use it. The only problem is that the production of FantaCratia will probable still take five years, because I'm on my own and undisciplined. I hate that. I don't know what to do. If you have some tips, please PM me on BlenderArtists.

  7. thanks for the server images!

    how big is this room? how do you cool everything? how much power does all together use? :)

  8. Sorry about me being stupid... but a year ago I found ResPower and since then, I've got this question, for $20/Month we may render whatever we want ? $20 bucks, thats it ?! Example, I've got this 600 frames animation, each frame takes 5 minutes to render

    I guess i'm not the only one with doubts, ResPower seems really cool thought :)

  9. Djameika:
    That's exactly right. As long as it takes less than 15 minutes per frame here, you pay $20 and get to queue up as much as you like.

    The room is something like 30 feet long, 12 feet high, with 4 foot wide aisles. Each aisle has a dedicated air conditioning system that could otherwise handle probably 7 or 8 middle-class homes. The flow of air in the computer room feels like a raging, freezing river. We have enough aisles to expand out to several thousand computers before having to build a second computer facility in the empty lot next door. As for the power bill, suffice it to say that I am probably one of the TVA's best customers.

  10. I am suppose to receive one more ckeck plus pay for my computers. I am toytally disappointed with you and the way I've been treated. You are certainly not the people of character that I will ever trust again. Please send my check, IMMEDIATELY

  11. I'm asking you again to send my check for the second quarter of 2007. . You have had the use of my money for three months. I invested in your operation in good faith. You betrayed all of your investeos and I feel sorry for the people who trusted you. I have no intention of letting this matter slide.

  12. For now, I think respower is performance/price the best choice, here is my first attmept of using their rendering service -

    I'm not sure if Belnder 2.45 is supported, it is not evident on the front page or something else, but during job submission there is an option of choosing e.g. yafray-blender version, thus my assumption is yes ...

    Anyhow, I recommend service they provide to others as well.


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