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New Compositor Nodes in Development


demoradialblurclouds5i_th.jpgOlivier Saraja has offered to spot news for us in the French Blender community - something that has been a bit hard for us op to now. Today: no less than five new compositor nodes: threshold, circular, radial and directional blur and a 'random value' node.

These new nodes are under development by the French developer CoyHot. On his site he also provides some documentation on how to implement new compositor nodes. The docs are still in French, but maybe we can encourage him (or someone else?) to translate them.

Here are previews of the nodes and some sample images:

The new nodes have been submitted for review so with a bit of luck we can use them in CVS builds soon!

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Years ago I looked for something like a radial blur effect in GIMP. I continue to look for it. Never could find it.

    I guess Blender is going to surpass GIMP in the area of 2D composition, which is impressive.

    If anyone knows how to do the radial blur effect in GIMP, please tell.

  2. @squareline Wow... You have some nice work. Once 2.43 came out I theorized about cool stuff like that being possible, but you actually did it. Craziness.

    Also, I think with the integration of Ogre into Blender, the nodes-for-GLSL will be more feasible.

  3. ok blender devs, time to settle down! Don't you guys ever sleep :)

    Well thanks for this. It looks very nice and I look forward to trying it out.

    Thanks again!

  4. Radial blur and Threshold arealso my prefered nodes.

    Great work ! So many new tools in Blender 2.43 and new things already coming : Christmas comes several times this year!

    Thanks a lot !

  5. Someone can give a direct link to CoyHot's documentation page? The Flash 8 doesn't work on my linux box (it has flash 9 but this just shows an empty space, not a menu...)

  6. sweeet! sweet! i want more, more, more nodes like this...for example pinch-punch--this way i could reproduce the doped samurai fight scene in the latest batman movie...

    train---radial blur is in gimp for ages under filters/blur/motion blur---here choose radial instead of linear under blur type.

  7. excellent, I've been wanting to to pull off a "dirty windshield" effect, where the intensity and vector can be controlled using seperate images just like the amount of dirt or grime and small scratches caused by the wiper. (or like my glasses when they're oily and smeared different directions)
    and there's often multiple vectors with my glasses when they're really bad.

    OHH!! [after toying around in blender] this CAN be done using vector blur already, with some custom vector maps for the input.... except for the Circular...

    radial, and directional blur can be pulled off with vector blur and some vector trickery. if only arcs could be defined somehow... I'm looking forward to the circular one.

  8. Now, you may think that that the random value node is the least visually impressive of all, but combined with the directional blur (as in the example) node, I can already see the possibility of the amazing random image stretching effect in the trailer of Silent Hill 3, that gave me that wonderful, creepy feeling.
    Congratulations to the coders! Keep it up

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but the threshold effect could be approximated with the colorband node, if you put two "cursors" really close, however having a specialized node is always much better and accurate

  10. Hi, here is François "CoyHot" Grassard, French Developper of the Nodes ... : )

    FYI, i compile a Windows' version of my nodes. You can download it here :

    Thanks for your comments ... : )

    I still working on more nodes, like Emboss, LightRays, LensFlare , Bulge, Corner Pin, 2D Tracker, and more ... : )

    For kostas :

    Yes, you're right ... the "Threshold" effect can be achieve with colorband node, but Threshold it's more simple to use and faster to compute.

    Bye and thanks again ... :o)

  11. Vassilios Boucer on

    Hey CoyHot!
    _ Thanks for this Test Build for Windows -the New Nodes for the Compositor are Great!
    also good News you work on some more and very Interesting new Nodes!


  12. Andreas Fischer on

    @train, gaalgergely

    Seems to me that what is called here radial blur is in Gimp found as "Filters -> Blur -> Motion Blur/Zoom"
    I have used that for quite some time now (and I'm sure it has been there for longer than I know the Gimp)

    Andreas Fischer

  13. This CAN be done with Vector blur and custom maps to emulate motion:
    (photo cc by Louisl "Amsterdam at night", details in .blend
    Sorry if somebody else already came up with this.)

    This method is probably not as efficient as CoyHot'a nodes, (which I'm looking forward to!) but it's very flexible.

    Hope it helps somebody:
    There's probably a better way to do this...
    Soon: dirty windshields!

    ooh 2d tracker, -drool- nice work!

  14. Vive la france !
    vive francois !
    vive alexander ewing !
    vive all the other blenderheads !
    I sure do like to use blender as a 2D program, because its so easy to combine images and text: it saves the trouble of alt-tab between photoshop (which can only 'paint' in black'n white) and adobe Indesign, when i'm doing multi-page, now I havent used aftereffex for over a year (hm.. 2 yrs maybe), 3Ds-max for 4 yrs, and i still find it strange that dtpblender isn't built into blender, reachable by crtl-left or crtl-right

    so kicking 4 commercial apps ass is quite an achivement, okay not yet beating them, but i doubt blender will ever fall
    when blender 3.0 comes out, lots of small companies might choose to export what they made in their blender/verse network to a single computer running the commercial apps and save lots of money, blender provides a great return-on-investment (roi) !

  15. by the way :
    dtpblender doesnt show anything after may-2006
    uselessdreamers site'n scripts are unreachable for the past 2 monts-or longer.

    can anyone point me to an explanation WHY some GREAT functional additions do not get integrated ?
    what if they're DEAD ?
    i think it's a bit narrow minded to keep blender 3D-only, (yuh i know i'm narrowminded ass wel, but it doent mean you have to be(i'm ófficially cray see ?)):the colored texture brushes already surpass photoshop and nearly rival gimp and corel painter
    more than half a year ago uselessdreamer presented a great thumbnailed library-script (and other things) BUT IT'S GONE
    imagine the motivation developers get to make great additions and then NOT GET INCLUDED, but stonewalled.imagine these new nodes NOT being included next release, unthinkable right ?

  16. "I still working on more nodes, like Emboss, LightRays, LensFlare , Bulge, Corner Pin, 2D Tracker, and more … : )"

    He is working on a 2D-Tracker ..... amazing.

  17. I think this new feature will come handing in animation.But,
    blender needs more improvement in order to be a stable program.I love blender,but I need a complete 3d program
    to help sell my talent to option may be either Animation Master or the New ligthwave 9.
    Both programs offer good services,perhap in 20 to 50 years from now blender will be a highend state of the art 3D program.I hope you blendhead understand this issue it "Busines".

  18. I also read in blenderartists that he was working in 15 new nodes. I hope this work is not lost, and he will commit the into the 2.5 svn soon.

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