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Detonation Films: Effects Stock Footage


tpipe01.jpgNeed some real looking explosions for your next cinematic masterpiece?  Then this is the site for you.

Detonation Films is a nice low-tech site with several freely available (and some for purchase) videos of explosions, fires, rocket trails, dirt hits, blood splatters, and oh so much more.  Honestly, who couldn't use an exploding styrofoam head? 

They are in JPGA Quicktime format and ready to be plugged into your favorite compositor *cough* Blender *cough*.  You can find these gems in the Effects Stock Footage section of the site.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the other pages.

About the Author


Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. The guys at detonation films are great and have allows me to use their stuff for demos and tutorials for the new compositing nodes. There are several tutorials in progress (mostly done) on the tutorials section.



  2. Hi!

    Yes, Detonation Films is a great source for finding Stock sequences.

    This said, for my own I don't like using shots made by someone else in my movies.

    I have no place, no time and no urge to do dirty and dangerous experiments in my garden. So, as Blender Particles are often too slow when you have to make a huge fire or explosion effect, I use a very cool software, called Particle Illusion.

    It is not a free software, but in my opinion it's worth the price. If you like SFX, you will probably like it.

    It allows very fast and fully customisable effects, with real time preview.

    A very huge library of effects is provided with the soft and free new libraries are provided each month for free to the licence owners.

    Better than that, you can make easily your very own effects by creating sprites in your favourite 2D software.

    The effects calculation is very fast, because it simulates 3D particles from 2D sprites. Believe me, it is very realistic. You can add masks, forces, deflectors and much more.

    You can achieve very good fire, smoke, dust clouds, vapour or water simulations as well as amazing optical effects.

    A free demo version with watermark on rendered sequences is available on this site, as well as a demo reel:

    The soft includes a very usefull feature of match moving (2D camera tracking) to merge the created effects with your scenes rendered in 3D or your real camera shots.

    Even if you find it too expensive, or if you don't really need it, I think that you will have a lot of fun playing with the demo !

    I have used it to add the vapour blown by the cars in my short police chase sequence.


  3. Yeah, PI3 is not that bad of a program. Works good for some motion graphics and quick special fx if you know how to use it.

    My personal opinion is that Detonation Films stock is much more realistic though. You can also combine their clips together (maybe in blender:) to make it look different then their normal stock.

    PI can't truly do volumetric as it only works in 2D. I also find that it has a lack of detail for large scale applications (2k film) but then again, the DF clips I think are only NTSC anyways.

    I used PI for a couple years until I got After Effects. Now I just use that to comp the Detonation Films stock into what I like. You could use some of the blender builds to do the same!

    Don't get me wrong here, I am just saying Detonation Films stock works best for me personally and PI doesn't.
    The program was fun to play around with!

  4. Charles Spencer on

    Dude... this is just getting annoying. Please stop spamming our site... By the way, Detonation Films is awesome!!

    But seriously dude... get a life, and stop spamming us.

  5. Holy crap.. that is annoying, stop spamming!! DF is really great. Their explosions are just awesome! Easily keyed out, and great for filmmaking!

    I've been using Detonation Films for a long time, and their great.... but yeah, their server's are pretty slow, so if your gonna download some footage for a project, make sure you start downloading it early..

    But definitely check it out, if you haven't seen it already!!

    I'm just supprised that the footage is free!! Great job Detonation, keep it up!!!

  6. Thanks for the link Bart. I have downloaded some of the free stuff to play with and if it works out I might get the DVDs :)

  7. I totally agree that the sequences provided by Detonation Films are very good and usefull. And best of all, most of them are free. They really desserve a big thank you for what they do.

    Real shots will always look more real than CG shots. For this reason, professionnals use them also in CG movies.

    I only wanted to say that I have a problem with my conscience saying "I have done this movie", if some of the contents have been done using stock footages. This, even if I give credits to the author. Because in my opinion, it removes a part of the creative process from the work.

    It depends of the reason why you want to make a film. If the goal is only the final result, if you have a short time or if you make the movie only for fun, it's OK.

    If you are in a learning process like I am, using stock footage doesn't teach you anything, except a bit of video editing, if you haven't used Luma or Chroma key before.

    That's why I prefer to use a software (no matter what soft it is) to create my effects. It teaches me how to use a tool, and allows to create exactly the right effect (better control on the timing, direction of the effects...), even if the quality may look less good.

    But it's only my way of thinking. It doesn't remove any quality to the works of Detonation Films!


  8. Jerry/Moxab:

    Moxab and you are from the same IP address, therefore probably the same person. We will not stand for this kind of abuse stop abusing our comment system NOW, or I will block your IP address.


  9. Maybe because I'm his friend, and went over to his house, using his wireless internet....

    MOXAB isnt me... I used the same connection as him. We're friends.

  10. @Jerry: well, then you can go on and explain him why as of now he won't be able to post ANY comments anymore without me moderating them.

    Have a nice weekend,


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