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Chatting in Blender with Verse


chat.jpgVerse is getting closer and it's turning out to be more multifunctional than I thought it would be with each iteration. This time, Nathan Letwory has been experimenting with integrating chat in Blender, based on the Verse protocol.

Nathan Writes:

Through the work of Jiri Hnidek there is support for Verse in Blender (see also this article), for which I did also some work (master server support). Verse has also a chat specification, and based on this I have been working on a chat system in Blender.

The chat system consists of a dedicated verse client, which acts as the chat server, tawkserv is the current reference implementation. Other clients can login to tawkserv and join channels. It looks quite similar to IRC, and with some work tawkserv could also function as a gateway to a real IRC-server, bridging the gap between Verse and IRC.

The work is still in progress, mostly related to using the chat window inside Blender, but on the whole Verse Chat works. The Verse Chat specification will undergo a revision in the near future, but in the meanwhile, check out the screenshots: one and two.

I think it's a pretty wacky idea to build a chat function in Blender, but it does show the flexibility of the Verse protocol. And I know what you're already looking for a download link but no, Verse support is not available in the 2.42a release; you'll need a CVS build for that. Nathan will publish a beta-binary as soon as the text area functions correctly.

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Soon, members like Sago, Wu-Man and Andy will be cracking jokes on Blender itself instead of the forum at BlenderArtist :)

    Unless the IRC wall is broken then it might be interesting to integrate a common IRC channel between Blender and BlenderArtist and even devs...

    Picture that :
    10:28 newbie357 : Hi I am new at blender. How do I spawn a cube?
    10:29 Wu-Man : It's hero time !
    10:29 Sago : Let me do a funny drawing :D
    and so on...
    17:47 newbie357 : What was I asking... uh...
    17:48 Ton : For a cube, just #lengthy explanation#

  2. When can we expect integrated VoIP? :D

    I think it's really a cool feature. The multiuser inspection and modification of 3D objects via verse combined with this is gonna help a lot with the learning process of the software.

  3. Excellent!! I will have fun with buddies in Blender instead in Second Life (!! Heh, & my own Fork Doodle Game will be just click away in Blender!! :)

  4. That will be great for tutoring!
    But if it gets connected to IRC, I hope it will be safe enough :)

    pff.. not a coffee maker, a blender, a blender! :D

  5. Thomas Vecchione on

    Heh I am waiting for someone to set up a bridge to IRC/Jabber and have a verse server set up for blender users all over to connect to each other;)

    Well that and the acoustics simulation GREATLY interests me.


  6. This worries me. What could be more far removed from 3d graphics/animation than a chat client? Blender is bloated enough just trying to cover multimedia, I think this is going too far

  7. i personaly think that blender (if [LOL] haven't allready) should Anounce the same thing that VLC media player guys sayed: VLC to rule the world... now lets integrate VLC into blender and all shout: Blender to take over the world! ^^

  8. Back when the a Verse enabled Blender was published for the first time I was the first to ask/beg for a chat window to be integrated into Blender.

    As soon as you try to work, and I mean real work, not just toying around with Verse and a partner located in a different room than the one you are in, the chat window becomes A MUST to coordinate what you are both trying to achieve.

    Of course you could use a third party chat service like MSN Messenger or the like, but the need to constantly swicht between Blender and your chat application becomes distracting and tiresome after a very little while.

    Bottom line is: Try to do some REAL WORK with a REAL DEADLINE with Verse and you will see yourself crying out loud for a Chat window inside Blender. So I can only congratulate Nathan for making it real.

  9. wow... coffee makers, microwaves and kitchen sinks and yet - no *teapot* - lol ... hmm - it would be good if somebody intergrated a proper chat client into blender through some sort of interface though - think of gaim or something being sort of useable through the blender interface without having to keep switching between windows when you're chatting with non-blender friends aswell... or maybe that really is going a bit too far; but it wouldn't be that much extra if all it did was intergrate the interface into blender while the real chat client worked in the background in a separate process - epat.

  10. I agree with Apollux... and I understand concerns of bloatware, but by adding verse support you're asking for a collaborative system where people can give/take orders, and solve problems quickly... without goofing with a IM client. otherwise what would you do? chat back in forth in a text object "Hey open msn! But I only use yahoo..."

    What about adding annotations to objects? ...and perhaps it would be helpful to see these in a forum like view... threaded, so you can comment on objects, respond etc... perhaps this could be expanded from the outliner view?

  11. i also think appolux has a good point, perhaps the next will be an ajax-voip-server when the accoustic sound is fully operational, then by talking in a normal voice other blenderverse people could hear you in the same city, and if you scream they could hear you in a greater range (accoustic distance)
    just kidding ! but i really like that blender lives up to it's name, how long untill we can make fruitjuice ?

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