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Coca-Cola project


coke composite Guilherme Lopes shows us all the obvious, how good Blender is for commercial projects.

update: until further clarification I've changed the title of the post to avoid any further possible misunderstanding. I take the blame for this one guys. Sorry about that. You sure keep us on our toes;)

Guilherme is also kind enough to discuss the project and show what he did to achieve the final image.

He created a series of renders in Blender internal and Yafray. Then composited them all together using Photoshop. The making of image can be found at CGTalk.


  1. Levy,

    Por favor qué?

    Qué quieres? El Blender?

    Búscalo, huevoncito, la gente busca lo que necesita, no lo pidas, mueve ese culo búscalo. Haz algo por tí.

    Seguramente has de ser un pendejete que está acostumbrado a copiar trabajos para la escuela.

  2. @arturo. Cual es tu problema hombre. No veo que de malo tiene que alguien pregunte donde obtener el programa, y lo menos que puedes hacer es dar un poco de dirección a alguien que muestra interés. Todos son bienvenidos. Si ni eso eres capaz al menos quedate callado.
    @Levy: Puedes obtener el programa gratuitamente en

  3. Whilst the overall effect is impressive, this doesn't quite make the grade; it would not be of sufficient quality to be used in the commercial world. It's still better than I can yet manage with Blender.

  4. hmm, not what I would say is commercial grade at all. Nice project though. I think you could acheive much more realistic results in blender, but to Guilherme Lopes thanks for sharing your work with us anyway. Always to see artists trying to push the packet a little further.

  5. Nice work Guilherme. It looks like others are a little unimpressed, although they won't give detailed criticism. This isn't very useful. Personally, I really think it does look very professional with the minor issue that the bottom wave is visibly segmented throughout and the top wave is segmented on the right-hand side. A simple subdivision modifier would correct this.

    Did Coca Cola pay for this, or was it something put together to demo Blender's commercial-grade capabilities?

  6. Que bueno ver gente que habla en español por estos lares!
    Que male es ver que algunos están infectados con el virus del egoísmo y el individualismo.

  7. Looks ok, but i've definitely seen more realistic glass, snow and water =(

    1. Perspective: Why does the cap at the top look so distorted
    2. The cap looks too unrealistic / plastic-like, not metal-shiny
    3. The glass could be a bit more translucent to reduce the plastic-effect.
    4. The transition snow/glass is not soft enough IMHO
    5. Snow/dew looks too grainy, like salt. Try to play with translucency a bit.
    6. Water drops should be more random in size and shape.

    Everything just IMHO and not to say it's bad.. just that there's space left for perfectionism =)

  8. Tiene cierta razon que si no puedes encontrar blender en 5 minutos, no eres suficientemente dedicado para usarlo. Imaginate despues de 5 minutos de usar el programa que ya ponga in los forums "como puedo rotar el cubo" :) Preferimos evitar estos tipos. Pero bueno, se lo perdonamos la primera vez.

  9. Morris + arturo tienen razon ;) La pregunta "Donde puedo obtener Blender" en una pagina que se llama "Blendernation" me preocupa bastante.

    Anyway, here's some constructive criticism:

    - The label is too perfect, no wrinkles, no irregularities in shading. That's the biggest problem in this image.
    - The glass material doesn't look convincing. It rather looks like some kind of thin plastic. It's overall also too perfect and regular. Add a few scratches...
    - Of course, the resolution of the wave is too low, like someone else already said.

  10. Its odd you guys are being so critical. Its still a commercial work and he got paid to do the job. Plus I doubt the focus was on realism. Crinkling of the logo and brand name generally is not a good idea as you want it fully visible. If you look at the images on vending machines they are generally not very realistic. Anyway, kudos for him getting a paid job with Blender.

  11. It becomes obvious to me that he was communicating that this was his first *attempt* at using Yafray for a project and not that this was a paid job. He's using very basic english and his use of the word job should have translated more to "task" or "project". Why would he use non-commercial software he was totally unfamiliar with if he had just scored a deal with Coca-Cola?

    This was just something he put together, posted in a *forum* at CGTalk and asked for advice. He isn't doing this commercially, blender didn't get paid this time. C'mon guys, someone should have acknowledged this by now.

  12. Actually champ, it said "how good Blender is for commercial projects", not that this was one. I think he misunderstood it that way too, which was just not the case. It just takes some intuitive reading, not a twisted mind.

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