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Development Report: Particles Rewrite


UV-Mapped StrandsTo all of you following what is being done for the upcoming versions of Blender, this might be a really good one to keep an eye on.

Jahka has been rewriting the Particles system. And while I would normally save this for my monthly CVS report I just couldn't wait to show you guys his latest image.

Jahka is working on getting the Particles system updated for a while now, but recently he has been more active.

Besides revamping Particles he is also adding new features like explode (video file) and keying (video file). Besides these two new features there seems to be a push on having particles as a Modifier and also be able to Bake them. Now that sounds really cool doesn't it!

Well, according to the reports Jahka has been doing, most of it is already working and he even was able to add more to it, I will transcript his last report done last Sunday:


  • static particles
  • damping, friction, permeability & rotation for deflection
  • keyed particle system type (hair control)
  • strand rendering for keyed particles & uv-mapped strands
  • volume emission

When I saw this I got "WOW" and was even more impressed to see the picture he posted (just click on the small thumbnail I posted with the article to see it big sized).

I dunno about you guys, but I'm really eager to have this on CVS to mess around with. Although I didn't see a patch with this new stuff I'm sure Jahka will be doing one soon.

If you want to read more about it and follow the reports just go the wiki page Jahka created.


  1. I just realized...that appearing and vanishing one looks kinda something pixar did in Finding nemo with the swarm of fish that does mimes! Anyone know what im talking about?
    It looks like that sort of thing...

  2. Cool down guys, there isn't a patch available, so it might not get included into 2.43. But once I get a patch I will make sure to get our building team at doing one for testing.

    I can't really promise, but hopefully I will put along side the Monthly CVS build an optimized build with Sculpt mode in it too, hopefully for every platform ... well, if Ton still includes it in the CVS during this week we will sure see it on the Build. It is really cool to work with.

  3. Many of these functions were published in a exectutable(window) version of blender that jahka put on his site last year around this time. Not all the functions,notetably the explode mesh fuction, was actually release with blender 2.4. I fortunately downloaded and installed the experimental version he put on his site before it disappeared. I think most blenderhead will love some of these new features.

  4. Finally, an explody thingy. That's one thing I sorely missed. Even OpenFX had it, although this one blows that out of the water.

  5. An emphatic Wow! followed by an excited yeehaa. We've been looking at 3d max to do explosions, but we all got bummed out by the unwieldy interface. So we crossed our fingers and prayed...looks like those prayers were not unheard. Now we can't wait to "icarus" our friends and blow thier heads up (and off)

  6. If you check the development logs (and I think the particle rewrite page) Jahka states that he won't have time to get it ready for 2.43 so probably will need to wait till the release following 2.43.


  7. "If you check the development logs (and I think the particle rewrite page) Jahka states that he won’t have time to get it ready for 2.43 so probably will need to wait till the release following 2.43."
    - - LetterRip

    Sorry to hear that :(
    For once I was really turned on by the hair cage thing... (is that the alternative to curves? Hell yeah!)

    Guess we will have to wait then :)

    # preparing to camp for 2.44 #

  8. visitor blender user. on

    be patient and give the man a break. He states he's working on it. Let him finish it in his own time and pace. I'd love those particle's but I don't need em that bad to keep pushing about how fast i want it. It'll be cool when it's done.

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