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YafRay Lighting Discussion


yafray-lighting-small.jpgAlvaro Luna Bautista pointed us to a great YafRay/Lighting discussion that has just recently been translated into English.

From his e-mail:

We just have finished the translation of a new YafRay document into English. The original is based on a lecture that Alejandro Conty gave last June.  That lecture was also based on this YafRay paper, although in this [new]document everything is much better explained and there are also some extra tips.  The document is not just about Yafray, it explains general concepts about raytracing and Global Illumination that are applicable to other similar render engines. Luis, Claws, and I have collaborated in this translation.

Yafray is certainly alive with documentation, and this lighting discussion is certainly a great addition to understanding YafRay and lighting.

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Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. I recommend it, it's a great documentation !
    It would also be nice to get a translated version for the Czech document referenced by UglyMike, it looks very useful.

  2. wow awesome, very informative documentation. i'll definitly read it. even if i read the using_yafray.pdf. thx cool work.

  3. This is great!!!

    I really needed this information....

    I am going to be able to get it with trial and error, I am sure...

    The only suggestion I have for the authors is the same I have for about 99.9999% of the tutorials I find regarding size/scale...

    In the lighting tutorial they constantly say "Small", "medium" or "large"...

    DEFINE small

    DEFINE medium

    DEFINE large

    The blender team has been nice enough to give us "UNITS" to measure things.

    in the tutorial they leave it up to random chance that the reader will ever be able to guess, that perhaps 1 blender unit is small... or 1 blender unit is too big.

    rather than just saying something like "the Yafray ray tracer was programmed from scratch with the scale of "1" blender unit to be equal to 1 metric meter. thus you should scale all things this way to get your lighting to work properly"

    Anyone know how many BTU's 1 blender point light with the power of 1 is in yafray?

  4. Hey I am a noob trying to become a pro and sooo very excite about Blender and YafRay. I have always wanted to do CG and could never afford the Maya or 3DX. And soon gave up till I found Blender. Saved my dream and now can’t wait to get better with time and practice.

    I downloaded YafRay but have no idea how it works or how to get my pics over into it so I can do some sweet rendering. If you can give me a tip or shoot me to the right direction or a tutorial on how it is all done that would be path.

    Blend on!!

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