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Blental: Blender For MentalRay


mr1.pngWhile visiting graphicall an interesting build by RCRuiz might have caught your eye. It was simply titled "Blental v0.0.1 (Blender for MentalRay)." Those two sweet words "MentalRay" automatically had me downloading the build and checking it out. Do I hear final gathering?

From the thread:

I'm very Happy to present the first version of Blental. This build is for render to Mental ray that is a one of the best commercial render engines on the market.

Blental v0.0.1

- Lights :
Type lamp, spots, sun and area , this last one with 6 diferent types (Square,Rect,Disc,Sphere,Cylinder,Object) and with the option of a visible light.
Shadow factor.
Phyisical lights options.
Caustic Options for all lights.
GI Options for all ligths.
Sample limits for area lights

Supports for Cooktor, Phong, Binn, Dgs, Dialectric with photon flags and new options adjust just for Blental.
Suport for textures type imagen with uvm only.
Transparency, Reflectivity, Refractivity supported.
Bumps supported only for images.

A new panel (Alt+M) to edit especific properties for objects.

-General Options
Control for Samples , jitter , contrast , and filters.
Control for Trace.
Control for GI.
Control for Caustic.
Control for Final Gathering.
Control for Motion Blur.
Control for Some Diagnostic.
Control for Render Progress.
Control for not export mesh.

Dof support.

You can find render tests that RCRuiz has done with Blental here. And here are the screenshots of the MR interface in Blender:


mr1.png mr2.png

Lighting (shots of just the area and spot lights which cover the basic options of all the lights):

spot light.png area light.png

Object variables (using ALT-M when the object is selected):

per object variables.png

I am certain there will be nay-sayers that aren't thrilled with this integration since MR must be purchased and isn't freely available. However, for Blender to have the ability to plugin to production renderers that are widely used can be nothing but a good thing. Well done RCRuiz!

*Note: If you have a standalone MentalRay license, you can get the Windows build on graphicall. The rar has only the blender.exe, and will require the pthreadGC2.dll in the Blender folder which I got here.

About the Author


Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Well it's always nice to have many options concerning render engines and rightly said this will probably push blenders reputation in the proffessional area, altough I'm still using as much open source software as possible.

  2. @Alabandit
    I'm totally with you on this one... I would also love to see POVray integrated in the final release, since the test build for POVray integration has been around for a while.

  3. Yeah! This is a very welcome addition, Mental Ray is very widely used and recognised, and this will only raise Blender's professional reputation and use.

  4. Awesome!!! it'd be doubly-great to see MentalRay a little mit integrated in with some of the new features of 2.42 like the preview window. 3dsmax sort of has that where it spits out the final gather first to get an idea of the exposure/composition.

  5. Sigismondo Pandolfo da Malatesta Condotieri signore da Rimini e Fano on

    Step by step geting closer to an excelent.
    Im sure this is something that will push blender bit closer to the proffesional use.
    I know guys you love pov, Yaf, etc... I love'm too, but there is not nicer taste than a well made mentalrender. it is a masterpiece.
    the idea of filling the office of blendermentalrenderers turns me on somehow.
    Ill get right into it.


  6. Bravo, Mental ray produced my first 'wow' moment with raytracing. Since then I discovered Indigo, but i still love MR.

  7. You should all be happy to hear that as a target for the next release the developers are working on an extended and generic render export API which will allow easy integration with most renderers. This effort is being headed in part by ShortWave (Bobby Parker) our resident RenderMan python guru. I'm sure the results will be satisfactory, however long the work takes.

  8. Mental Ray is very good,proffesional And thank to RCRuiz.
    But I agree with Eugene that I love to see POVray integrated in blender.
    I use&learn Blend2pov it work well only problem about lighting gamma but I think
    RCRuiz can improve.

  9. Man this is absolutely cool. I went out and bought XSI a few months ago only for the mental ray.
    I basically model in blender and use softimage to render. So, I was hoping for some sort of mental ray intergration, RCRuiz you rock. Now I just need a stand alone licence, DOA

  10. pardon my ignorance, but aren't sunflow renders just as high quality as mental ray. Maybe mental ray is faster and can handle more at once, but just going over the galleries, sunflow looks as least as good -- still a very cool thing

  11. o_O

    OMG! Today... *sniff* ... is the most beautiful day in my live!
    Ok, that was kinda dramatic, but honestly, I'm so happy to hear that! It's so amazing how professional Blender got. Watching the development of Blender is like watching a young child mature. And I'm already exited about what will be included in the next release (and what will be in 3 years).

    Keep on! :D

  12. a question... Is mentalray o metalray? in the pictures in some places says mentalray in others says metalray... this is correct ??

  13. @grafixsuz
    I also have XSI and it's a shame that mentalray is integrated :(. At least XSI has given us the know-how of using mentalray :)

    The ones that say metalray are just typos - it's mentalray... damn the elusive letter "n"!

  14. damn . . . bug 0001 . . . SOME NAMES ARE WRONG!!!!

    jejeje to tell the true I did not put a lot of attention to those things . . . I'm sure there is a lot of typos all over the place :S

    Thanks for all the commentaries, I realy apreciate that you guys like what I had done :D

    Un Saludo

  15. This is great! I have Maya Unlimited with Mental Ray, and because my laptop isn't connected to the Internet it has an ethernet address of 000000000000, which isn't recognized as a real liscense by Maya... Maybe I can model in Blender and render in Mental Ray! Worth a shot...

  16. OMFG mentalray comes to blender?

    that would be so great to get connected to blender. MentalRay is like Pixars Renderman
    a serious industry standart! that will only raise Blenders acceptance.

    I hope that at one point they will be able to support a similar shader network system in Blender
    like Maya has for mental ray.

  17. MagicMyshu

    are you kidding? you cannot seriously ask that. MentalRay is a renderingine used in feature films and it offers today industrial strenght. that is not a toy.


    do you know anything about a 3d scanner support? that would be fabolous!!!

  18. cekuhnen . . GEZ is just trying to annoy me jejeje . . . one of the projects that I have put on hold for Blental and Blend2Pov was a 3d Scanner and a 3d moving tracer . . . jejeje

    Gez . . . . . de plano eres mi conciencia :P

    un Saludo

  19. mmm . . . . bueno . . . primero se puso en hold por el famoso render api que nunca ha llegado . . . al ver mentalray la falta de movimiento en el proyecto pues no me atrevi siquiera a solicitar una extension en mi licenca standalone version asi que no tengo licencia . . . despues aumentaron el presio de esa licencia standalone pero increiblemente . . asi que este proyecto lo considero . . . no muerto . . pero si en coma . . . :-(

    Un Saludo

  20. Es decir que aún podemos hacer algo...

    1. ¿Cuánto cuesta la licencia?
    2. ¿Existen licencias por volúmenes?
    3. ¿Podemos comprar algunas licencias y seguir intentándolo?

    Yo he probado mental ray en Maya y es genial, un tanto complicado, pero genial. Creo que se pueden hacer cosas geniales con Blender+MR... es cuestión de intentarlo, ¿qué opinas?

  21. ufff . . . pues lo veo dificil . . . bueno . . . el precio de la licencia pues te lo mando por correo si deceas . . . no quiero quemar . . . o mas bien . . requetequemar a nadie . . . el caso es que es costosa en extremo al punto de vista . . . con decirte que con 2 licenica standalone (en aquel entonces ) te alcansaba para comprarte xsi con licencia para 2 procesadores . . . raro . . . no? . . . al parecer no les gusta la idea de promocionar el standalone . . . y mas bien quieren integrar a otros softwares como xsi, revit, autocad y otros muchos . . . por la licencia de blender pues no creo que esto sea posible en forma de libreria . . . . ahora . . . si se podria comprar . . que tan practico seria pues lo veo medio complicado . . . ahora . . .por la parte de blender . . . yo estaba usando una extencion de la rama de yafray que ya practicamente esta desaparecida y que ya los coders oficiales han casi dado por entendido que no quieren seguir en esa direccion . . . . y como nadie oficialmente ha dicho o decidido en que sentido ir lo mas seguro es que lo que sea que haga no pasara a la rama principal . . . asi que trabajaria por el concepto y luego algun oficial con la mano en la cintura lo re-codificara que la verdad . . es un tanto frustrante . . . pero yo ya me he resignado a esto . . . yo la verdad no soy un programador de escuela u oficio . . . es solo un joby y es muuuuy duro que algo que yo programe lo incluyan asi que casi lo veo como caso perdido para mi . . . . conclusion . . . . demaciadas cosas se tendrian que dar para que yo vuelva a meter las manos en esto . . . .

    Un Saludo

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