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Libre Graphics Meeting, Day 2


LGM LogoRui is reporting in from his second day at the Libre Graphics Meeting in Lyon, France.

Today was a pretty intense day. I was really tired from yesterday and I had a hard time keeping myself awake during the whole day. This is the side effect of having to wake up at 5AM and go to sleep at 11PM for two days.

This was a pretty good day on LGM, besides me doing the initiation workshop and the Blender / Orange talk, there was also a talk about Xara and their Open Source version of Xara Xtreme.

Things started pretty late, mostly because the tramway wasn't working, so I had to go the event location by foot and some others had to wait for the bus to get them to the location. The worst part was that the first speaker got really delayed by this.

Inkscape / Creative Commons

Inkscape screenshotBut at 10:30 he had arrived and started the talk about it, it was about Inkscape and Creative Commons, mostly because he was now employed by Creative Commons. The talk was pretty good, most of it was about licenses and Creative Commons and he also did this really fun t-shirt distribution, pretty nice.

The remaining talk was about Inkscape, several big points were mentioned, like the great integration with the GiMP in the current CVS version, specially for drag and dropping from one application to the other, there was also talk on the soon coming of the sub-layers and integration with LittleCMS. The bad things were that there will be no Cairo support anytime soon and the GTKMM integration isn't finished yet.

There was also talk about the Open Clip Art website and the management area of it that got a major overall, it isn't available yet but looks really, really good.

The main issue that was discussed was that Inkscape should at least hit the SVG tiny compliancy this year and look towards getting the whole SVG format support afterwards.


Xara screenshotAfter the Inkscape / Creative Commons session came the most awaited session, the Xara team made their presentation.

All I can say about this is WWOOOWW, is this really Open Source ??? To answer myself, it is !!! I think it will become most likely the same success that Blender is right now, the tool is very good and is one of the best software I saw so far for Vector Graphics editing, fast and eficient.

Yesterday the source code has been fully released and the Linux and Mac versions work pretty good right now. One of the main aspects for this to have worked so great was that it was platform independent from start.

Right now it is using wxwidgets and it is quite fast. All I can say is that it is quite powerfull and very intuitive.

Blender / Orange session

The remaining sessions I couldn't attend because I had to do the workshop and do the Blender / Orange Session. Both Blender sessions went great and people seem receptive, but I will talk about it in my later sum of the Conference.

Now I really have to leave, back tomorrow with more news.

By the way, on SIOX integration, check this screenshot, thank Brecht for a long night no sleep ....



-- Rui --

Rui Campos is the head of the Blender Foundation Education Board (BF-Education). He is at the Libre Graphics Meeting in Lyon, France this weekend where he'll be giving several Blender workshops. He will be reporting daily from the Meeting.


  1. I there!
    Working hard is good for the soul... not so good for the body and mind hehe.
    I was waiting for your personal or Tuga3D project website, but it seems that still may take a wile so...
    Could you give me your e-mail address or something equivalent?
    I would like to contact you, like you I’m a Portuguese long time (since 2000) blenderhead
    3d animation movie breather.
    Don't fall asleep ^_~

  2. ROGPER:

    Hi, am also a Portuguese blenderhead; It's great to see that some ppl is also using Blender in our conutry.

    I hope someday we can spoke a little about blender :D

  3. regarding XARA:

    It's the most powerful tool to do lo-def graphics (means: not for print) and the only reason (for me) to start VMWare when graphics work has to be done.

    Xara rules!

    Looking forward to seeing the LX-Version up and running - just name the price!

  4. I didn't miss any sleep for the SIOX node, it is so simple the basic C code was only 400 lines, and this was done by 10pm in the evening. Here's an updated screenshot of the current state, with the SIOX post processing steps now also:

    Xara was very impressive and fast, and development of Xara LX seems to be progressing well also. I'm still curious how they are planning to make money now, no one I talked to could tell me this..

  5. Kainho:

    Awosome, another Blender user!!! Till 6 months ago, before Orange project I believed that I was all alone here in Portugal. I would like to talk whit everyone that uses Blender here, but I only come to the net at weekends and in a public place, so I never have mutch time :(
    Anyway I'm all eyes in [email protected] or in the foruns(blendernation or Orange project mainly)
    Blend On ^_~

  6. I’m still curious how they are planning to make money now, no one I talked to could tell me this..

    Probably the same way other FOSS projects like MySQL make money. Companies are willing to pay good money for product support.

  7. hi,what's the interest of SIOX into a 3D software? Why not but for what?
    Cool anyway, you did it pretty fast.

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