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Weekend Contest Winner: The Early Worm Gets the Bird


This weekend's contest saw a few less entries than our previous rounds, but nonetheless there was some enjoyable work. The most popular theme seemed to be twisting the theme of "The Early Bird Catches the Worm" around ;-)

This time, I had do disqualify some entries that were clearly no serious entries and that gained a suspicious number of guest-only votes. After some analysing and debating, the winner is Joas' "The Early Worm Gets the Bird" - the nightmare of every worm-hunting bird. Congrats Joas! You’ll also get to pick the topic for next weekend contest! Please email me at bart @ this site and let me know your choice.

Read on for the runners up and enjoy the art!

jBlenderUser3D - The second mouse gets the cheese

12 - jBlenderUser3D -  The second mouse gets the cheese.

Thomas Nordstrøm

10 - Thomas Nordstrøm

Vincent Holzborn

9 - Vincent Holzborn

Eric Varela

9 - Eric Varela

Thanks again for playing everyone! See you next weekend :)

  • Tadd Mencer

    That is probably the most terrifying worm I've ever seen ...

  • Thomas Nordstrøm

    That was the winner in my book to. The worm reminds me of the computer game Dune. :) Feel a bit sorry for the little bird though... :)

  • BlenderPlaza

    Congrats to the winner! Great concept.I love images that really tell a story! Well done :)

  • Craig Richardson

    lol, some of these were actually quite funny, poor bird