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Student Work: 80 Hours


Students from Lorma Colleges in the Phillippines are lucky enough to have Reynante M. Martinez as their teacher! Here's what they created in an 80-hour Blender workshop!

Reynante writes:

During the night, I work as a College instructor, teaching 3D Animation (Blender) in Lorma Colleges, Philippines, from which I graduated from some few years ago. And I'm very honored to have been given this chance to share my knowledge and experience with the new generation of artists.

This is what my students have achieved within an 80-hour timeframe of learning Blender, which I'm very proud of. More to come soon!

Looking forward to sharing with you more things that my students have accomplished.

Music by Josh Woodward


Eighty Hours

  • AlanHPerry

    Some really nice work. Well done to all! Makes me really jealous that I didn't have Blender and the internet 20 years ago :)

  • LswaN

    Wow, they did that after just 80 hours of teaching? That is cool. Maybe the Blender Foundation should ask Mr. Martinez to do the next Open Training DVD.

  • 8-bit

    Nice, Reyn! I know I get a lot of satisfaction when teaching and the students are able to produce remarkable results. Congrats on running a very successful 80-hr course!

  • Sender

    NewKidsOnTheBlock ... Awesome work GUYS !

  • RNS

    "Keep moving forward blender"