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'Naughty 5' Blender Feature Film


Ajit Nair speaks about 'Naughty 5', a feature film made in Blender. Naughty 5 is created by a team of 27 artists in Mumbai, India.

Ajit says:

Naughty 5 is the title of the feature film we have been working upon. The film is about 5 naughty kids and how a journey to the past change their lives for the better. The film is the reason the studio exists. A film producer approached me with the prospect of making an animation film. I came up with the story of “Naughty 5” and we started working on it ever since. The initial years involved lot of research and development work, while the script was being finalised. The film is in its final phases now.


We started with a small team of 7 people which has grown up to 27 people as of now. Its a fairly young team with an average age of 26. With the exception of experimental short films, none of the artists have any major film making experiences behind them. By the end of this project, they will end up having the complete experience of producing and releasing a full length feature film nationally.



  • Konstantins

    Awesome characters!

  • Moolah

    Just wish to watch it! It must be amazing judging from the reel! :)

  • Brigadewing

    Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it finished :) The characters looks sweet.

  • Hassan Yola

    Amazing !!! congratulation guys, its always a great pleasure to see peoples behind computers working on feature films, its a multiplied pleasure if they use blender in order to create that :D
    I wish you all the best ! and of course exited about to wacht that film :)

  • sharlybg

    pretty good reel ! we expect to see the complet film soon.

  • Gertjan van den Broek

    It looks good 'n all. But everything looks so uninspired and generic. Especially the environments.

  • designer3d

    Very cool.
    I'm proud of the progress since the beginning of Blender.
    From Brazil to everyone.

  • Botbot Salaya Flores

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  • Dozerman

    Great to see those who put blender down having their own words forced back down their throats!!!

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