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Fake Subsurface Scattering Tutorial


Peter Diefenthaler presents a technique for fast SSS simulation.

Peter writes:

In this Blender video tutorial, you'll learn the process of achieving a fake and fast rendering subsurface scattering effect. You'll first learn how to create a reusable node material that resembles translucency/backscatter, then go on to assemble a reusable node group in the compositor that simulates diffusion. The method isn't perfect, but it renders much faster than other SSS methods. The example in the tutorial is extreme, but for rendering things like skin, this technique may be all you need.



  • JamScoBal

    Can this be done in Cycles?

  • DimitrisC


  • Guitar

    This is really great. Thank you for sharing.

  • wat

    the title had me wondering what is fake? the SSS or the tutorial

    • axel


  • dlax

    Thanks for the tutorial. There are a lot nodes you covered which I never had the drive to learn about and it was nice to see a reasonable, well-done application of them.

  • RyeSnake

    Thanks very much for sharing this. Great tutorial!

  • Karlis Stigis

    Good tutorial.

  • Dave Heinemann

    Cool. Since what I do is mostly for the game engine, fast and fake is about all there is; if it can't draw in 1/60 second every time, it doesn't exist. I hadn't even thought of using dirty vertex colors for translucency.

  • Brian Lockett

    Wow, this was very useful! Thanks!

  • Zagupi

    One of the better tutorials. Thank you.

  • Blind

    absolutely nice tutorial! thanks a lot peter!

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