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Marrydolls - 3D Animation for Weddings



Do you have plans to get married? Get yourselves animated in Blender!

Bruno Cornelsen writes:

Me and 3 other friends are offering customized 3D animations for weddings here in Brazil, called "Marrydolls". The couple send us their story and we create a 3 minute animation for them, all done in Blender!

Our service is aimed at couples who are getting married, so we cant make a "full-Pixar-quality" animation. That would take months of work an would cost a lot of money for both parts. We have to offer a realistic final price to make it viable. To achieve this, we need to finish it in about 2 weeks, so we work with character templates and pre-made assets library, all made from scratch by us, and all done in Blender.

The first production phase starts with the clients. They send us their story and we create a script and a budget, based on what they want us to show. The prices starts with about US$2.000,00 (for 5 sets and 2 characters), but the final price varies according to what will appear, mainly by the amount of sets and characters.

With the budget and script approved, we start the second phase, wich is producing the characters (with the couple's semblance) and an animatic for another approval. With these approved, the third phase starts, with the 3D production itself.

Our team have three people for now, so everybody does a little bit of everything. First we create the scenes by linking assets from our pre-built assets library, than the animation process starts. After everything animated, we render all the sequences in Cycles and the final editing and touches are done in Adobe After-Effects.

Included with the animation service, we provide 2 wallpapers for desktops and mobile devices and 2 other illustrations for digital invitations.

Currently we mainly serve the brazillian market, but we already serve world-wide for people who speak English!

We believe that we are offering a great product with great value for the clients and anyone who watches it. If we make someone smile and even cry (of happines, we expect), our work is done.




  1. That is really sweet. What a clever concept. An excellent service

    I love the richness you get when using cycles to render very stylised cartoon animation.

    The tiny budget isn't immediately apparent. My first reaction was " Aw cute" not "Low budget"

    Well done!

    • There is just one thing: The hands really bug me, they are over crowded with fingers. You should do away with one of the filanges(the pinki). So you wil end up with a thumb and three filanges.

      Visually it will work much better with the style.

      Great work never the less.

        • I would still use artistic freedom and just put the ring on the middle finger.

          But I am sure many clients will be fussed by it. The way you have it is probably the safer option.

          Anyway, it wasn't very distracting.

          I really love the style. I can't get over it.

          • unrealanimation3d on

            thats amazing! not to many people insult an artist, and then butt kisses to avoid confrontation after your message of what (you) would do gets disapproved.

            he was looking for input on the video not the hands which i think look good, and even our hands look quite as you said crowded.

            next time dont said what id do if it was me, Because this is not me time.

            no one is here to watch you say me me me this is the artists time on this page because of what he designed. i dont see your name on the project do you?

            anyway perfect job you will get pretty far with such awsome skills. just remember dont listen to the trolls.

          • unrealanimation3d, are you for real?

            I never insulted anyone.

            Disapproved?? I never seeked aproval. I commented on the artwork. I happened to have positive things to say before I got, as you put it "Disapproved".

            It's called constructive feedback, moron.

  2. Great idea and very well done.
    With the doom and gloom of the economic climate at the moment this is a nice uplifting production.

  3. I registered just so I could comment and say how awesome this idea is. The product is great looking, well done. Hope ya'll have much success.

  4. What a great business! This is a really great idea, and you guys do it so well! I loved that video! Great job, guys! And thanks for sharing a bit of your Blender usage with your business!

  5. So cool! I've filmed some weddings (not my main job, but a side job with the video equipment from work), I'll be sure to remember your website and mention it in the future!
    I'll also have to remember it someday when I'm to be married.

    I do wish your website had some more info tho, like pricing and maybe customization options, maybe another video with some examples of how different each animation can be.

  6. Only when they are blushing it should be more on the cheeks and should be more delicate (reminds me somewhat of American Football players "warpaint).
    A very intuitive idea of what to do with 3d animation and Blender in particular.

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