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Junkie Bird

This is what happens with your brain on drugs, kids! ;-)

Kovács Kálmán writes:

Tracking, Modelling, Animation, Composite real fotage: Me
Software: Blender 2.62
Render Engine: Internal

Full video


  • guest

    Nice and fluffy!
    A total noob question: how are the tracking markers removed?

    • Aditia A. Pratama

      with the new masking tool you can easily mask the tracking. The easy way to remove it I think by blurring the footage, and using the mask we made earlier as fac value in mix node, which means we isolate the blur by masking it. I hope you know what I mean. CMIIW

  • rldigital

    No limits for those that own Blender and have artistic talent.

  • Kovács Kálmán
  • Milad Thaha

    You've integrated CG into the video fairly well, but the animation is plain bad. Wish you spent more time on it. Good effort!

  • David Stringham

    I don't think that the integration is that good. The bird looks too saturated to me. Good video and style otherwise.

    • StonedGuest

      If I was all drunk and stoned I wouldn't care about how saturated things are so I see this as additional realism :D

    • Sven Brettschneider

      but... was the bird supposed to be realistic? I like it the way it is now :)

    • David Stringham

      Good points

  • Salaheddine

    Good job
    but i have a question : how did you remove the tracking points ?

  • Michael Berhanu

    This gave me a good laugh.

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