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Blender in 3d Projection Mapping

A cool 3D projection project by Sebastian Łukaszuk.

slukas writes:

Have you ever wondered why your 3d renders don't really feel like three dimensional? ...well - probably they just need the third dimension :-)

3d projection mapping is one step forward to break this barrier and let the viewer experience your performance more naturally, to bring animation closer to real life.
And here comes MUMA which is our newest creation made specially for the opening of co-working place "wspoł" here in Białystok/Poland. All of 3d work was made in blender 2.63 and post in After Effects by Sebastian Łukaszuk.


  • Colin Levy


  • Alvin Nashif Magarang


  • Patrick Tew


  • Kovács Kálmán


  • kram1032

    (Single word comment streak broken)

  • kpulka

    Świetne! Pozdrawiam z Wrocławia :)

  • Viktorija Nesterenko


  • kpulka

    Wrocław pozdrawia! :D
    Regards from Wrocław ;)

  • Utopia780

    Standing ovation!

    What I liked most was the transparencies, the illuminated pieces and the smoke stuff.
    This is a very good work in my opinion.
    The cardboard thing is very original.

  • Matt Reyer

    What kind of projector do you use? Can you recommend any brands and minimum lumen specs? Awesome work!

    • slukas

      For this project I've used 2700ansi benq projector and I'm happy with the result. Brightness was just right. I recommend using 3000 ansi+ for small indoor projections.

      • Craig Winslow II

        I was going to ask the same question! Thanks for the info!

  • fhtagn

    Woaw.. great! Reminds me of Amon Tobin - Isam

  • Craig Winslow II

    So slick. I've been wanting to take to plunge and figure out 3D projection mapping... this may have just motivated me to jump in. Props!

  • Dusty

    If I owned a club, I would order 4 of those right now!! Amazing!

  • 8-bit


  • Anonymous

    Very nice, these are the kind of projects I love to see done in Blender... 5/5 stars.

  • Erik Crins

    Jaw dropping!
    One quick question: How did you animate the luminating edges? I can't get that to work in Blender yet...

  • Piotr Ko?odziejczyk


  • mikebelanger

    Way cool! Great way to open a workspace too. I'm guessing you only used one projector too.

  • Julius Tuomisto

    Absolutely awesome stuff guys.

  • James Clugston

    I'm still trying to get my head around the idea that it was just a paper construct on a wall. Fantastic job!

  • Sander

    Cooool. Would've loved to see it in real life. Is there more footage online of this from more angles?


    coool... I was searching for a totorial of camera mapping and I had found this wonder! great job!

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