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iPhone 5?

Metin Seven posted this mockup of a possible iPhone 5 design. Rendered with Cycles. We'll see later today if he was right!


  • Torgen

    Great Work! Cant belive cycles renders such clean images !

    • Misiulo

      Thousands of samples or a huge resoulution (?) :)

    • Not_You

      Great Work! Cant belive Blender Internal renders such clean images, aswell !

  • Julian

    The good thing about iPhone models is that you can simply re-use it whenever a new iPhone come out ;)
    I would've prefered a sharp reflection on the device, but otherwise it looks great :)

  • DolphinDream

    what a revolutionary design ;) this will make iPhone 4 like a puny footnote in history :)

  • zombyy

    Is it palm computer or mobile telephone?

    • doodieman


      • Annohnemuss

        Nice answer, although I would say maybe not enough of either

  • Piotr Teicher
    • trol

      Apple has to sue Nokia now!!!! How dare Nokia use a design that Apple later decided to use!!

    • Luc Andriamizaka not only that look at the rounded colored icons of the Xperia V lol...

    • TruthWinsOut

      'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.'

      Very amusing to see people claim Apple has copied their own design after others have.

      Keep the ignorant hate flowing.

      • Piotr Teicher

        "There is no cure for stupidity and ignorance" - A. Einstein.

        • Don't be Desperate


          'There is no cure for picking random quotes and/or images and trying to compare them to something they have no relation to.' - Common Sense

          That Samsung product does not share the inset corners of the Nokia and Apple products you originally compared, which was the primary point you were making - that Apple had copied that design from Nokia.

          Having failed to rebut my point, you are welcome to link to any old portable/mobile consumer product that has a screen with icons (as you have above). Who sketched, prototyped, or released to market the first touch screen portable consumer product is an entirely different matter.

          But the answer to that won't negate the fact that your original post was ignorant, hateful, and just plain wrong.

          Apple's usage of inset corners (or whatever the term for them is, if there is one) predates Nokia's in the products you originally referenced.

          Man up and accept you are wrong and don't try to change the argument, or feel self-defeated that the quote you referenced from Einstein is descriptive of your original post.

  • Paul J Mason

    Terrible product; nice render.

  • MrBippies

    "We’ll see later today if he was right!"

    LOL! iPhone 10 (iPhone X?) will look like this.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Good model! :) What's the difference between this and.. iPhone3? A bit wider?
    Oh... I know! A new cable with snake-like functions ;)
    P.S. I've bought myself iPad2 and I've regretted already! I thought it can be my backpack artist device for drawing... But it's not that and not even close to this! They're still holding touch-sensitive technologies waiting for a new "electronic market crysis" probably. Then new sells will make more money.
    Also the screen is too smooth to draw normally and the device "catch" your palm's touches like you wanted to draw. Feelings like you're trying to draw something good and accurate on glass... using your hands all covered by wet paint. Very distracting.
    Total: I'm dissapointed about Apple products. So as soon as I'll sell this iPad I'll buy some good device on Android.

    • TheElwolf


      Good luck with that...

    • Trevor Young

      You know if you're looking for a tablet specifically for drawing functionality, I'd suggest the Galaxy Note 10.1. It has features specifically designed for this (like a Wacom digitizer and photoshop touch coming pre-installed). I've got one for myself and I've really been enjoying it. The pressure sensitive pen is great for drawing and it also has really good palm rejection built into the software. Wish you luck with things.

      • Kirill Poltavets

        Thank you, I'll try it!

  • Brian Lockett

    Good Cycles render.

  • mikebelanger

    I think a power cord with snake-like behaviours would be awesome. **Then** the iPhone would be worth its price. Nice render.

  • lucas823

    Damn. He was almost right on the money.

  • Atzibala

    That is a nice iphone 4, but it just need some small changes to be like an iphone 5.

  • jamez

    Just take an iphone 4 model...stretch it out for another row of icons, then make it 20% have an iphone5 model.

  • Rem Dybka

    A fart-app icon would make it a bit more authentic. Anyway, very nice render!

  • Metin Seven

    Thanks a lot for your comments guys, much appreciated. And Bart, many thanks for posting the image.

    I rendered the image in 1600 x 1600 pixels, using GPU rendering (NVidia QuadroFX 3800 video card) with 10.000 Cycles passes.

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