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  • fergoblender

    very nice water :D You should add some foam to it to make it more life like :)

  • john

    Download broken?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Don't think so - it works for me.

  • Hissingshark

    Blender 2.64?
    Is this why you get a black render with the current build 2.63a?

  • pjohnsen

    Did a test a bit like this a while back:
    Is foam working with cycles now?

  • Greck

    wow, that looks extra realistic. I was also wondering does foam work in cycles?

  • piccobello

    Its nice, but there were internal renderings which looked more realistic to me

  • Alain

    A realistic watermaterial is still missing for Cycles.
    Augus3D with it's Lightray-Patch (or however it's called) wants to do a Nodesetup to make it work.

  • roofoo

    It looks slow-motion to me.

    • Wasa

      I agree with roofoo, the simulation seems a bit slow. I've never been out on the ocean so I'm far from any kind of expert, but my brains saying it looks like slowed footage. Other than that it looks very convincing to me.

  • andrew

    Very convincing swell effect. Spend some time on a boat mate. Your ocean simulator will get a whole new look. I'm not convinced by all this 'physical realism' that exists in CG. People who have had training in animation should relish the chance to express 'oceanness' using shape keys surely;

  • Enrico

    same problem: black render. It links to a jpg file that is missing in the download.... :(

  • Zander Nicolic

    It works with 2.64 test build, needs some tweaks of lights to obtain the photo likeness, though. Good work.

  • elaser

    the image can be downloaded here
    but the rendering produced is not like the image and I'm not sure if this is the best node setup for water.
    hdr lightening?

    • Enrico

      Looks like it's a broken link, what you posted...

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