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'Saperi e sapori' commercial

By Fab Design

Fab Design writes:

Hi, i wanted to let you know of our latest project, it is a commercial 2d animation created to publicize the event Saperi & Sapori in Bari, Apulia.

All the animation in the video was made in Blender, with some items imported as 2D planes previously created with Illustrator, and others entirely recreated in 3D. The entire video, from the inital concept to the final product, was made in 5 days (hurrah for long deadlines!).

Fab Design Website



  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Great atmosphere. I love it ! Simple and expressive graphics and happy music !

  • Julian

    Can somebody please explain wether the "hurray for the long deadlines" was sarcasm or not? I mean, 5 days are neither extraordinary long or way too short (the scenes don't seem too complex for the amount of time given). Maybe I'm missing something, but this line really bothers me :P

  • Henrique Manetta Perticarati

    I'd really like to see a scene breakdown of this. I'm always surprised with 2D animations made in Blender... Great commercial!

  • Aldi

    Just wondering but why use Blender for this?

    • Renderluz

      Because it's capable of doing it, blender can do a BIG number of things, form video and sound editing, to 3d vfx to 2d animation, 3d animation, high res sculpting, lowres modeling, texturing, rendering, and even drawing if you paint your textures with the texture paint mode, it kinds of bother me people almost telling that blender should only be user for 3d animation, then all the other features are there for what? to be dismissed? NO! the more blender is used on professional pipelines the more it will be used in general, the more blender foundation is known, the the more funding it gets because its known, so please stop asking why, and instead ask how they used blender so we all learn and blender is more used in general.

      • Aldi

        Okay... Thanks for all the info! Though I haven't used Blender much, this makes me love Blender more... :)

    • talmore

      Renderluz is right, blender it a great tool for a lot of projects. There are several reasons I would/ and do use blender for 2D animation:

      Graph editor
      dope sheet
      python scripts (it's there if you need it)
      Camera control
      blender has it all!
      Many 2D programs, like flash, do not have an animteable camera, graph editor, or dope sheet. The graph editor and dope sheet are really important to me, it gives you soooo much control. Flash's timeline is horrible. Style is another issue. If your doing traditional frame by frame cell animation, I would not use blend (maybe to edit and composite). But if you are doing a flat stop motions (or pose to pose) style animation, blender would work great.

  • MD

    Great animation!

    @Julian: I think it is sarcasm. I don't think 5 days is very long. Lots of times more time than that is spent on concept/layout alone.

    @Aldi: Why not? Would you rather make it using a potato?
    Or do you know of an amazing free alternative which can do the same sort of animation way easier?

    • Aldi

      I was just wondering the reason behind the decision since it's a 2D animation & Blender is a 3D tool. There's for 2D animation. Again, I was just wondering, that's all... :)

      • bakill

        If you're familiar with blender very well, you won't ask. :)

  • Fab Design

    Hi everyone, thanks for the positive feedbacks, really appreciated!

    @google-57a1fa909dd1607ec5242db69e0b51b3:disqus We might do a scene breakdown in the future!

    @bedex78:disqus We decided to use Blender because i wanted a quick way to create scenes with both 2D and 3D elements mixed together and have an immediate visual feedback. Plus, Blender is a very powerful tool for animations, both 2D and 3D!

    @8664fa815a06b4cf9b8b5c99eff8ca42:disqus The sentence was sarcastic indeed :P In the past, we've done similar projects in a timespan of approx. 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity. The 5 days i was talking about were from the very beginning of the projects ( script, storyboard, design etc.) to the end (animation, tweaks, rendering, compositing etc.). You then have to consider that usually the client always wants to change something (not this time luckily :P), and you have to take that into account aswell.

    Hope that it makes sense now!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Cool and very stylish! :) Reminds me flash-like animations only made with Blender.

  • Michele

    Nice animation and nice website! Keep it going.
    Bell'animazione e bello anche il sito. Continuate così.
    Un peroncino sollevato come buon auspicio. :D

  • johnj

    5 days! your ideas, blender's power! very good!

  • Bonk

    Vai Italia ;-)

  • Talmore

    The design work is fabulous! I love the style and motion. I second the call for a scene break down! 5 days! wow. How big is your team?

  • Fab Design

    Wow what a response, thanks again everyone!

    @107deb1aef97c0e7227220317999ee34:disqus Thanks a lot, glad you liked it! We are 3, 2 of us worked on the design and script, and then i animated everything.

    @thinkinmonkey:disqus Thanks! Ricambiamo! ;)

  • Gez

    Very nice! I love it. Have you exported the assets as SVG and kept them as curves or you exported them as images?
    In that case I recommend you to take a look at the "Import GIMP image to Scene" addon. It lets you import a multilayer XCF directly to your scene and even has an option to automatically re-create the original composite with nodes.
    I would be still using After Effects if that addon didn't exist :)

    • Dread Knight

      You can do vector like graphics right from blender and to be honest, it's actually easier to use then Inkscape or others.

      • Gez

        Yes, I'm aware of that. I wouldn't say it's "easier" than inkscape, but probably it's fair to say that is "as easy as" inkscape or other similar program.
        However, probably just from habit, I find much faster to work with the kind of Bezier curves that programs like Inkscape or Illustrator offer. Blender's are fine, but I'm more productive creating vector illustration in inkscape and importing the SVG into Blender.

    • Fab Design

      Thanks, glad that you liked it! All the 2d assets were created in Illustrator, then exported as high-res pngs into Blender. Thanks for the hint on the plug-in tho, i'll definetely check it out!