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Blender Smoke + Fire in Preview

MikaH writes:

Initial testing of rendering smoke and fire together in Blender viewports.


  • Dusty

    What!! That looks amazing!!! 

  • Aditia A. Pratama

    now that's really it already on the trunk?

  • Vipper36

    voxel rendering?

    • Philip Witte

      most likely. Might require Cuda/OpenCL or at least Shader Model 3+, but that's just a guess.

    • Johan 'Anuga' Ekström

      It's one frame and it's Blender Internal in the latest Build 2.63.5

  • Colezero

    Is the viewport renderer using the actual material assigned to the domain or is it just a "custom ramp" for the smoke?
     Hopefully a few more specs are coming soon :)

  • Asad Kaludi


    • john

      Thank you! I was about to say that myself.

  • Miuzik

    would it be also developped for cycles ?

  • thomas

    Yeah Great!!!!!
    Is there a build available for Linux 64 ?

  • Brian Lockett

    MiikaH? Oh, well, of course it's going to be something awesome!

    Nice to see a new video from you, Miikah! It's been a while (a while too long)! Nice result, man! When you gonna reveal how you did it? ;)

  • MPinarci

    Lovely , well done work indeed , Looking forward to hit the scene :)

  • Ashton

    so what we can take away from this is we need better computers

  • dani

    Sweet and kiitos..don't stop

  • Michael Fox

    Its not in trunk, its not a material trick, its properly simulated fire as part of MikaH's GSoC project

    • twent4

      any more info on this somewhere? the smoke is actually procedural from the fire?

  • GraphiX

    Well if this is true, than is it possible to make low res smoke sims in the ge?

  • Dmrobbin

    I built it from svn, very kool, nice work Miika!
    I think he has a really nice video card to make that demo ;-)

  • Ethan Ewing

    Most realistic Blender fire and smoke sim I've seen yet!

    • Daniel


      • Ethan Ewing

        No. I genuinely haven't seen any better combination of smoke and fire. If you know a better one, let's see it.

        • Daniel

          It looks good, but it doesn't look photorealistic. Depending on the material being burned and the scale of the fire, it won't generally make that much smoke.

          Now I'm not saying it's better, but I like my own fire shader (sorry, no smoke). It's not perfect and I'm going to revisit it and try and make it better, but I'll share it for the sake of you asking for something:

          • Daniel

            Realistic*, sorry. Not photorealistic.

          • Ethan Ewing

            That looks great! Work on it some more and it'll look perfect.

          • Ferris Moritz

             You also have to factor in the environment in which it's placed...In the static state that it's in, it looks pretty damn good and I would love to see how much better it could look within a well built scene.

          • Apos

            The goal is to be able to preview fire and smoke in the viewport. Whether it is realistic depends on the settings used and it is not the goal here. This is not the final render of the scene.

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Very impressive !

  • Talha Lodhi

    nice, hope cycles gets this soon :)

  • Max Puliero

    boooooooooom !!! looks amazing!

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