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  • nieghel

    OMG! I have no words!!! :O

  • Alexey Ost

    Good model.

  • Joel

    Wow, fabulous texturing and use of DOF. All the right 'defects' to make it seem real. Well done!

  • Charles HETIER

    Really really impressive, it looks very very real!

    I looked for something that remind me it is CG art. I found it!!! ;-) but I spent lot of time to this ^^ we can see the polygons on the screw of the goggles in full resolution.
    Anyway, it was just for the pleasure to find something to say, but it is unfair from me, you wouldn't have said me it was 3D, I would have accept the fact that it was a photography.

    • Dan Rossati

      It think they are hex screws so it's intentional (though I might misunderstand what you're pointing out)

      • Charles HETIER

        I think my english has been too poor sorry. 
        Actualy, I was pointing out the thread of the tubular screw in which the lens are screwed. Again sorry for my english that is probably too poor to explain precisely what I am intetended to show... But as I said, I spent time to find it, so it is quite unfair from me according to the quality of this picture :-) I really wanted to say that this picture is gorgeous!

        • Dan Rossati

          Nah it's cool I see what you mean now, I wasn't looking at it at full rez, Nothing wrong with your English dude.

  • Dusty

    Very cool! 

  • Jiggles100

    Fantasic :) I love a bit of steampunk.  My only crit is that the table looks very modern, perhaps even a little like that plastic-wood effect and the paper could do with being a little more tattered.  A good composition can make or break a render and I feel these points detract from the truly excellent goggles.  I find this an odd thing to comment on as your work is always of such a high standard, perhaps you were in a hurry .... anyway give us more steampunk, it's awesome!!!

  • Tamás Márton

    Incredible details and very nice idea!

  • sendercorp

    O BOY ! yes, love the brushed metal . I am still waiting for a nice tut for a tasteful brushed metal /cycles .
    Well back to the render , Yeah it is pretty awesome .

  • Odeas

    Did that shader a while back and never really got much feedback on it so thought it wasn't found very useful. Nice to see someone liked it!

    As for the goggles, I think they look great, be curious as to the metal shader, agree that the 'table' material doesn't seem to quite fit.

  • Eduardo

    its Cycles engine?

  • Greylica

    Great Ricardo !

  • Paulo Ricardo S. Ribeiro

    Thank you very much their comments and suggestions of all!Eduardo, is Internal Render.

  • lukas langsadl

    woah .. nice work .. emm just stupid question will you render an 1920x1080!1200 px image i wish to use it as my new desktop background :D hehe

  • Email

    Looks real!

  • JedTheKrampus

    Shouldn't the strap be either longer or nonexistent?

  • John D Smith II

    Actually the strap is what I noticed first myself. Before continuing I want to say WOW this is looking spectacular! For constructive criticism,  not only does the leather strap look too short, but leather does not naturally bend like that to lay flat when it is 'edge on', no matter how old and worn. Instead of quickly curving down to rest on the table it should stick straight out to where it makes contact with the table, with only a small amount of sagging in the middle. Also the loose lens at the bottom looks kinda like a misplaced water droplet for some reason. On a minor note, does the paper have a small amount of thickness? Something seems a little off there... As it is, those are the only things that give away that this is CG. The goggles themselves are pretty stunning! Great work, this is impressive.

  • artefacter

    The original is here: 
    Yes, it really exists)

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