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Bsurfaces Add-on Released as GPL

Bsurfaces is an amazing modeling and retopology add-on for Blender. It previously sold for $39 with the promise that it would be released as GPL later on. That day is now!

Eclectiel writes:

For those who were waiting for Bsurfaces v1.5, I'm glad to announce that it has been released :) . It's meant to work well with Blender 2.63 (official). It can be downloaded and there is a quick help guide describing the different features at .




  • Brian Lockett

    I bought mine, and still glad I did!  Now everyone can enjoy it!

    • Brian Lockett

      Man, it probably won't be long now until someone utilizes the power of Bsurfaces and Bmesh to create a powerful auto-retopology tool for Blender!  Heck, if I can clear some time later, I might even take a whack at it!  Yeah, I can see it--what if you used Bmesh to create a temporary shell of your original mesh and then have Bsurfaces functions retopologize the shell mesh to divide it into efficient parametrized topology, and finally have an option to replace the original mesh with the newly topologized mesh?  Oh, man, now I'm all excited and stuff!

      • chromemonkey

        But what happens when you divide an edge and get a hidden face?  j/k ;o)

        • Brian Lockett

          Baby steps.  :0

  • CGEffex

    Yahoo! I was beginning to wonder what happened of this...

  • Michael120

    Woohoo! Thanks guys! :D

  • Jiggles100

    Brilliant ... it would be great if BF could add this as an official plugin so everybody could leap stright into b-surface but I'm glad this has been GPL'd ... thankyou for this amazing toolset

  • chromemonkey

    Quick question... What is the connection between bMesh and bSurfaces... was this possible under the original Mesh code or is it tightly linked to functionality created by the bMesh updated code?

    • UnconventionalT

      Pretty sure it wasn't, after all, it was released by when 2.5x was released. I'm assuming he just updated his script to work with the newer bmesh, instead of the older system.

    • PhysicsGuy

       As far as I know, they are unrelated. Bsurfaces is an add-on that helps you to rebuild your topology, when you have to shape already defined. Bmesh is a complete rebuild of the internal mesh system. Bsurfaces has existed for a while under the old mesh code. You just had to pay for it. Now that the author has earned the amount of money he wanted to earn from it, he released it. It's coincidence that this happens shortly after the first Bmesh release of Blender.

      Nowadays, someone who would undertake such a useful project would probably contact the BF to see if there is some money in the development fund. However, this fund was not around when the full version of Bsurfaces was developed. 

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Great addon ! I have just watche the beginning of the video, but this tool looks really impressive !

  • Dusty

    THANK YOU!!!!! I really mean that!!!

  • T.E. Mencer

    This looks way too easy .. it can't REALLY be that easy .. can it?

  • erick parra

    AWESOME!! Thank you 

  • crins

    Thank you! So glad now that I could help by buying. Reminds me I still have to attach the plugin to the fresh 2.63 install.

  • Brian

    Most Impressive and Incredibly Generous!
    Thank You =)

  • Moxstudios

    Thanks For this!

  • CGEffex

    Bsurfaces included in fresh graphicall build: Go try it out!

  • Konstantins

    Thank you!
    The video and page are very clean and neat, I wonder why no name of the developer though.
    Any plans for official cooperation with Blender maybe?

  • michael dawkins

    I bought it a few months ago to support development, this is a great addon :).
    It should definitely be included in next releases!

  • Afecelis

    Awesome! this will greatly improve terrain modeling for my works! Totally appreciate it.

  • Guest

    Agree to the others, trunk this awesome features :)

  • carlos santos


  • Rikez


  • Lowdweller

    Please sing along: Hey ho, hey ho, in the trunk it should now go !

    But seriously, this is so shockingly good. A really DEEP bow to the developer(s?) !

  • sendercorp

    keeps on coming ...

  • DimitrisC

    It all looks too easy/good to be true I'll be checking it out.
    Move. To. Trunk.Please... :)

  • Santop

    a huuuge THX!!!

  • Vblend

    Today is a great day !
    Thank you so much !

  • chromemonkey

    r2.64 TRUNK IT!!!

  • Tyler Mercer

    Awesome! The violin demo video really shows how amazing this is. O_O

  • Wat

    i only remember the horrible music from that video (posted previously)..
    thank you for the addon, but please improve your taste in music (j/k, to each his own i guess)

    • Chaos

      I liked it. You are exaggerating a bit I guess.

      • IamInnocent

         He could have played something by Lady Gaga and made it sound beautiful. Heck, he could have retopoed Lady Gaga herself and made her look great. :D

  • onjoFilms

    I hope one doesn't have to listen to that music to use it :) but hey, awesome, can't wait to try it ou.

  • Sleepwalker

    Yay. Just started to get my hands dirty doing some sculpt modelling. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Comeinandburn

    this is really an incredibly generous contribution to the Blender community!

    I urge everyone that finds it useful to consider making a small donation to show our appreciation.

  • Christos Georgakas

    There are so great and generous persons out there! iam really glad!

  • Motreliez

    Absolutely fantastic, amazing work.

  • Kiril Viktorov

    Bsurfaces. Street magic. =)))

  • Robert Elm

    This is fantastic. Thinking of how to make the most effective workflow I can with this! Thanks to developers for their generosity.

  • Vatfairecuire1oeuf

    It seems that all those people managed to use this addon, unfortunately for me when i activate it and try to "Bsurfaces add surface" (only available in the spacebar search menu) for example on a bezier circle duplicated 3 times like on the video, i always get something like "traceback (most recent call last): … AttributError: 'Curve' object has no attribute 'total_vert_sel'"

    • Vatfairecuire1oeuf

       My bad, i hadn't taken the time to read the explanations on the help page, i was trying to create the surface in the edit mode OF THE CURVE instead of selecting the curve and a mesh as active object and enter in the edit mode of the MESH.

  • kABHIr

    Thanks a lot eclectiel!

    I really appreciate your work and for releasing this feature as GPL.

    Thank you once again.

  • Donnervogel

    These are the moments I retrieve my hope in the human kind and blender (community) as its own does deliver a big piece to make the world better, thus thank you very much for this great commitment!

  • joel

    i'm excited about this, but that music is terrible. just terrible.

  • Fred


  • Alvin Nashif Magarang


  • Alexandru Dobra-Some?an

    this is gold! 

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