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Model: Hugo

By Wirlow.

Wirlow writes:

Hello, I present to you Hugo.

It’s a single turtle designed by me.

Materials, lighting and composition is a mixture between my character PiOpioOo and the character Zanno created by Venom.



  • Michael Dawkins

    I love it, I want a plush version (irl!)

    • Zomby

      I think that 3d printer can't print from plush.

      • hakre1

        That's why we have have these magic devices called sewing machines :P

        • Zomby

          Hope that somebody write driver to sewing machine, that support blender file format. : )

    • Brian Lockett

      I second that!  I want a plush version, too!

  • Drxms

    Cute. Can it do the koopa dance? 

  • ctdabomb

    It didn't work. blender locked up when I opened it :(

    • Barrypotternz

       Has he made it available for download ?

      • Barrypotternz

         Great work by the way Wirlow. I love it.

  • double-u

    It’s a single turtle designed by me." Someone, make this poor turtle a spouse. And maybe some turtle babies.

    • Drxms

      Haha thats really funny. XD

  • Adam Denton

    I wonder how he achieved that outer glow / highlight effect...

    • Nurble_Turble

      It's something you see all the time. you should experiment and figure stuff out ;)
      When you choose your Diffuse and/or Specular color, click the RAMP button. now play with colors and options.


  • wilitron

    how can hugo hide his head in the shell? or is it the shell that hides in the head...just kidding...

  • 5554

    Looks like sperm with a beanie on it's tail.

  • David Rodriguez

    que grande Wir!

  • Ch0ti0

    Great Wirlow!!


  • Kwikie

    Really cute turtle 8) Congratulations !


    Gracias Ch0ti0. Se avecinan novedades, bueno más de lo mismo, espero quieras compartir.

    Saludos "Tron".

    PDTA: Adié


    Thank you all for your comments and especially to Bart for publishing "Hugo".

    What is "a plush version"?. Sorry, I do not understand.

  • Afkael

    Hey Wirlow, felicidades!!!!

    Te piden que hagas una versión de felpa, osea que lo hagas con apariencia de muñeco de peluche:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1143&bih=690&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=1JVuT5CxAsL50gHCn4X1Bg

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