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Live 3D Stream from Blender to Browser

From the Pyppet blog: Hart has created a connection between Blender and his (local) webrowser.

Hart writes:

For streaming the data the only real option is Websockets, and the best Python3 library for Websockets I could find is Websockify by Joel Martin. I was a bit confused at first by the code in Websockify, because it includes some extra scripts for running TCP proxies and rebinding ports (written in C). However, the only file required from Websockify is "" which is pure python and requires no compiled modules. To get Websockify working inside Blender I only had to overload the start_server method not to use Multiprocessing.



  • 3dcreator Pl


  • Karlis Stigis

    Well, good. You could make this as system to show model to clients.. talk or chat simultaniously..  nice for designing interiors or mabe even charachters.

  • Alexander Kasper

    Too awesome to be true! :)

  • Christian Krupa

    Amazing just watched this over 3g on my phone! Be great to show clients when working remotely :)

  • TheElwolf

    Hey Great script. 

    This is Linux only right?!! Ubuntu 10.11 should be ok right :)

    Also is there a tut  explaining how to install Puppet+Blender and linking it to the browser? Or is it just experimental for now?

    The Elwolf

  • Anders Ryding

    That's very cool. Realtime tutorials with chat and everything could maybe possible with that!

  • Wray Bowling

    Hold on hold  on hold on... Let me pick my jaw up off the floor......

    ...there we go...


    • Bart Veldhuizen

      That made me laugh. Thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    That is pretty cool, can see some serious opportunities for something like this :)

  • Blendiac

    Blender Game Engine / Onlive style mashups! Heck yeah!!! :D (only 1/2 joking)

  • Rish

    Imagine getting a look on an entire complex project by having every participant stream their work into one tiled feed.
    (as an outsider, or as lead artist or something)  Like a guard room with camera feeds lol. This is one of the coolest posts in a long time, and that's saying something

  • brett

    @a75e1d40d7628d63d5a224319a661c6b:disqus this is Linux only at the moment, But MediaCrackers is working on an OSX port now and he will provide releases for Linux64bit and OSX on Graphicall soon.  Tutorials coming soon.

    I have started a donations page, this project needs your support now! 

    • Daniel M. Basso

       I've just made my donation. Great work guys!

    • TheElwolf


  • Rui Paulo Sanguinheira Diogo

    *LOL*I was thinking about something like that few days ago and there it is! What a coincidence! Very, very impressive!

  • Erik Smith

    Be still my Suzanne... wait.. I mean hea... Forget it. 

    That was honestly one of the most interesting developments I have seen lately. Though, I would probably never be able to send a direct video feed anywhere with my internet I could see this as an interactive preview for sure. I'd probably keep it on my other monitor while working. Now just to get around to re-learning everything about Blender since so much has changed since I quit.Quite Amazing.

  • Reynante Martinez

    Way to go, Brett.  Very helpful indeed.  This is the future. :)


  • Kirill Poltavets

    Incredible! Interactive modelling lessons!

  • OskO

    That's REALLY impressive. I can't wait to see an online implementation of this.


  • Rubicon

    quite impressive.
    btw: what about verse? is it still alive?

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