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Friday Hangout: How's your Blender Project Going?


It's been a while since our last Friday Hangout, so it's time to catch up: how's your current Blender Project going? Please share your images or videos below!

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Just got boards approved for a new  set of photo-realistic product spots. Decided to go 100% Blender, took a chance and went ahead using Cycles pre-release while praying for layers to be added in time for production finishing and comp. Paid off. They loved it and I am one step closer to sending Maya packing from my workflow (been on that train since it was Alias PA v6). Sorry about the black square.  Still under NDA so I blocked the logo.

      • We have another set which is pretty big that only on draft. Our original modellers got too busy as things carry on. The set is question is town surrounded by mountain range. Not too big, around 2km^2. With few hundred houses, shops, factories, 3 bridges, few mansions, a town center, a wet market, a waterfall. It's a very huge list. Doable but not fast enough.

  2. Our project is doing quite nice, working our asses of to get our MassiveEngine and our first game ready for some more announcements, and specially working on getting everything ready for contest for the Blender Community we announced on our Bconf 2011 presentation.
    We can not wait until the new asset manager gets into Blender, should work perfectly with our game engine!

  3. This is my first character model I'm doing; I have rigged it (not the best rig though), and I'm working on texturing it now. I'd probably be done texturing it too if it didn't take me ~12 hours to figure out how to get everything working. On my $400 laptop, which is acting very slow now.

  4. My project is coming along quite well. I'm working on a big still render. I'm done with the environment; all i have to do is add people. I've already made the rig and I'm working on basemeshes.

  5. Hey there,

    I'm new to blendernation - so I want so say Hi!

    Modeling an old braun super 8 movie projector for my showreel right now...

    Dennis Richter

  6. I'm actually almost done modelling my 2011 Golf GTI - all that's left is a bit of overall tweaking and then the Subsurf, then rendering in Cycles!

    Some of the most recent WIP snapshots (the render is a Materials test) :

    • I've been reworking a few sections since those images though...also forgot to mention, this is my first car model so far :)

  7. I'm running experiments with motion blur - I wasn't quite happy with post-pro results so I'm doing it the hard way using MBlur. I'm trying to work out how few samples I can get away with, which means a few attempts at different sample rates. It's slow, but my render farm is on the case!

  8. My last project ended in epic failure. lol 
    On the up side I learned a few things from my mistakes. Hopefully my next project will fair much better.

  9. Been working a lot on Ancient Beast's game manual

    Check out a screenie of the combat

    With a bit of support and luck, we'll have an early alpha in about a month.

  10. I'm currently working on a Venice scene with a canal and some dirty green water (ocean simulator). I already did the pales (surface with sculpting) and still need to add some buildings (those buildings should show a reflection in the water.)
    The bridge got stairs and I need to add a balustrade for it. I will also add some boats, coverd with cloth.
    So there's a lot of stuff covered in my scene : Ocean modifier, Cloth simulator, sculpting...  Yet I don't know how to set up the ocean modifier material realisticly, what could ruin my  whole scene, but think I can do this. :)
    I've added a picture of it, showing a render on the left and the viewport on the right.

    If anyone has some hints or suggestions please comment.
    (and don't say: that looks crap, I havent added any materials yet, and the scene is still far away from being finished.)

  11. My lasting project is launching a website using extensive use of Blender-made product visualizations for a bottled-water-related retailer and manufacturer in South Korea. My client wants it to be completed by next Friday but I think it would be completed far earlier than that. Once the site is launched, over a thousand clients of that company is schedule to be introduced to the site.

    You might want to check it out at its temporary internet address:
    Every product photo(?) on its front page is a BI render. The site has already attracted another client. :)

  12. So much high quality projects... Only I am without any nice idea and skills to make something acceptable?
    Waiting for a miracle... :(

    • why don't you just go through a few tutorials while you haven't got ideas? If you get an idea after that you will be able to create something with the stuff you've learned.

      And for inspiration just view a few photos or so... always helped me to get ideas. Then you could start recreating your photo scene in 3d.

  13. Trying to figure out how to render different sets of layers to different folders just like maya would do automatically... for compositing later.

  14. Sorry I'm late to the party. Lots of great projects out there. It's so exciting!

    Our project(s) are coming along nicely. Here's the Blender-related stuff that we're doing at Ott Planetarium:

    + Short project for client: Historical models of the solar system in 2048x2048. This is a refresh of some work we did back in 2007. A video of the Copernican model, explaining the retrograde motion of Mars is linked below.

    + Student Production: Astronomy Badge for Boy Scouts. My students are wrapping up production on a new boy scout astronomy badge program.

    + Feature Production: We're a little more than half way through production on a new show for kids. We're doing some green screen work to get real, live kids in the animated scenes.

    + Summer Blender Workshops: We're restructuring our workshop offerings and will make an announcement soon.

    Happy Blending!
    Ron Proctor - Ott Planetarium

  15.  Wow! Everybody here is working at a big project in blender!
    Everytime when i start anything in blender without a tutorial or something like that it ends in a mess!
    I think i am not able to make some good looking results although i go through tutorials for more than one year.  :((

    The only project i completed was an UFO, but it doesn't look really good at all :/
    Does anybody has a tip how to get better in blender and how to improve my skills??, because i think i not learnt really much (THIS IS NO NEGATIVE CRITICISM AT THE TUTORIALS), although the tutorials, i have done, are really good and it has been a lot of fun to go through them.

    keep up your blender work!
    Good luck at your projects :)

      • Sometimes it helps to cheat Ron. Use in a good measure blur, try to use more textures, and do not model everything to the last screw. Post-processing with the nodes can help to "hide" your weak spots.
        Of course it would be great if you would model everything with perfect topology and it you would become great in materials. Keep it simple. Create a polariod frame, place a simple pin or coin in it. Take something you have on your desk or in your room, so you can always take a close look to it. Simplify.
        Concerning the lightning Cycles is grwat you can place lights and see directly (well within a few seconds) a very good preview of your result.

  16. Looks like i'm late haha!
    I am working on a Music Video for class, the song is "LukHash" and since the song is video game themed, we chose to film it in first person (sort of a mix between "smack my ***** up" except funnier and not disgusting as well as the FPS segment from the Doom movie), the project title is called "Digital Invasion". This requires a lot of tracking and I decided to use Blenders internal tracker, it's going quite well, the tracker is a bit iffy at times but when it works, it works. I have a few sprites done and I already have the final boss monster done, you can see the boss monsters final form right here; hope to upload my tracked files so animators and compositors can have some fun with pre-tracked footage :)

    •  I watched only 20 seconds of a few of your videos and was amazed, man, I didn't know a guy like you existed in the blender community (I don't visit BA regularly), great storytelling, looking forward to watch more of you, you know what you are doing!

    • Holy crap! You are amazing! I had no idea blender could be used to create something as beautiful as this.... Once I am finished rendering I shall watch it in its entirety.... keep up the astounding work!!!!!!!

  17. Beauregard Heimer on

    I have started a short film with my friends, I have most of the CG assets made, now it is just filming, animating, compositing, and editing.

    I have finished the script, and have planned out most of the shots, but school has slowed my progress

    I am hoping to be able to start filming this month (highschool stinks like fecal waste)

    BlenderArtists Thread: 
    (I will update it shortly)

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