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Tutorial : Growing IvyGen Animation in Blender


After we posted Nikhil Dhoka's growing ivy animation, he received many requests for a tutorial on this technique. Here it is!

Nikhil Dhoka writes:

Since some users asked for tutorial.. So, finally here it is, A quick tutorial for the growing Ivy effect I have done in this video.


Nikhil D


  • Kirill Poltavets

    Very simple and good stuff for beginners! It's very important too.
    Nikhil, I know it's possible to connect with amazing Atom's script (or scripts) from "RE:*" serie. One of them (Re: Ticular) works with Billboards and make them "age honored" (they grows if tell simpler).

    • Nikhil Dhoka

      hi.. thank you for sharing the link :) will go through that..
      And also.. i am glad you liked the tutorial .. :)

  • mcbeth

    um what is the name of the modifier used to do the cups I cant see  the name clearly in the video and I cant understand what he said at that point.

    • TheElwolf

      I'm not sure but I think he is using a 2.61 built from It will be in trunk (official Blender versions) for 2.62

      • TheElwolf

        Also if I'm not mistaking, it will be called Remesh.

        • mcbeth

          thank you for the info

          • Nikhil Dhoka

            yeah.. Its REMESH .. :)

  • Chuckie

    Very Cool!

    I've used the build tool before, but I never thought of using for making something grow!


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