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Python Script: Point Cloud Skinner

Convert your point cloud data into surfaces with this Python script for Blender.

Hans.P.G. writes:

This script, Point Cloud Skinner can skin a cloud of vertices, which means to create a 3D surfaced mesh out of just a cloud of vertices that has no faces. It can skin any shapes of point clouds, such as a surveyed geography point cloud that represents a landform somewhere, a fluid volumetric point cloud obtained by numerical fluid simulation, or anything you like. You can see some sample meshes that the script produced in "Results" part below.




  • Arenyart

    Awesome! Great work.

  • Wray Bowling

    YEAH!!! This is excellent! :D

  • Calum Knott

    This is going to come in Very Very usefull for me…. 

    Im looking at reconstructing a room from pointcloud data gained from a kinect sensor…. 

    • Casper Smits

      That was exactly what I was thinking. With the use of this script in combination with 2 or 3 kinect devices it should be able to reacreate an entire room in real time!!

      That would be really awesome xD

  • Zander Nicolic

    May be useful. I'll give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michal Vašut

    looks great, but is it able to skin some dificult object (point cloud from kinect, ...) ?

  • johnj

    do you think i can use that also for a quick retopo skinning? i duplicate the vertexes, then i skin them all...

  • Robert Elm

    This is what I've been waiting for! Great potential for easy 3d scanning. Use traditional sculpting techniques with disposable or reusable media like plasticine, scan it with kinect or a video camera using the freely available software, skin it and retopo that bugger! The more Blender is able to transcend the digital/natural media barrier the more potential our art will have to attract artists that would otherwise shun this media! This is a bigger step toward that than it may at first appear.

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