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Architectural Visualization using Blender


Some very nice architectural walkthroughs by the Indian studio Real Works.

Sivaprasad Velayudhan writes:

Hi Guys

We are a 3D Visualization Company based in India. We have completed a few Architectural Walkthroughs using only Open Source Software.

Please find more Walkthroughs here.

Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Rigging, Animation, Editing all in Blender. Gimp used for Texturing. Renderer is Blender Internal.


  1. Zander Nicolic on

    Congratz. Cleverly done.
    I'd like to ask: are pigeons (at the very beginning) modelled or footage? Anyway, did you made all compositing in Blender? (jaw dropping, if so).
    I'm not really into archviz, but I'd like less uniform textures, especially on the walls. Maybe some AO baked, or the like. However, maybe that is the way clients like best, You'd know better.

  2. Congratulations, very nice work! The first exterior images don't look so well lit and detailed, especially in contrast to the first sequence (is that footage? I'm also puzzled by the pigeons) but the interiors look really well and I was happy to read they were pure Blender Internal.

  3. Very impressive. Nice pacing and composition too. Loved the attention to detail, like the car dipping on braking as it approaches the gate. Subtle, but makes a big difference to believability 

    • Michael Dawkins on

      If blender foundation doesn't drop blender internal development, it also means than other developments will be slower.
      Also base future development on a more physically accurate unbiaised renderer has a lot more upsides than keeping internal forever.
      Also, as it is much easier to make a simple scene look decent with cycles thanks to the new approach for lighting, the quality of the artworks created by unskilled people will rise and look less scary for non blender users curious of what software to use.
      Just my opinion :), blender internal is still more complete than cycles at the moment.

    • I've watched all four and your interiours are outstanding good. Your exteriour renderings are not. The best "pre-car-sequence" was in "sandshore". I liked the transition from blur to sharp in grange too. I think you should somehow manage to show the "really great stuff" first. And then, if needed, show more detailed exteriour renders instead of a complete city. Just my opinion, though. 

      • Realworks Studios on

        I totally agree what you are saying. we are currently working on making exterior scenes better. exteriors need lot of objects and vegetation to look real, and also the Gi is really important. since we dont have GI in Blender Internal, faking it on exterior scenes are lot difficult than interiors. Thanks for the suggestions and appreciation.

  4. Nicely done; curious about how much time (roughly) it took from start-to-finish to accomplish this as I'm still early in the Blender learning curve.

  5. amine moussaoui on

    this is great !!! first I watched the video, then I was trying to guess the renderer... And seriously I was mind-bowed when I saw it's BI !? 

  6. I love the way how you added little bits of random building block animation just to increase the interest rather than keep the whole scene indifferent without having to include people. Very impressive.

  7. Waw ! Congratulations guys !!! This is really U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E !!!  Amazing realism !!!  Better than I could dream !   
    YOU are really great ! And BLENDER is great ! And BLENDER INTERNAL ... is bétter than generally assumed !  Youhou !!!   :-)

  8. Really great. And some nice and new ideas for an architectural reel. But there's one thing that's a bit irritating: the missing break lamps on the car. Everything is so perfect and then there's this small detail ... :)

    • Realworks Studios on

      Hi Feboccini

      A tutorial for a complete walkthrough is kind of difficult, If you can be specific about one aspect of the walkthrough we shall definitely try.

  9. In a world where everyone is talking about cycle cycle cycle this demo of the internal blender renderer is more than welcome.

  10. It would really be nice if you could do a wireframe render/clay render, for some sequence as well. 
    Would help get a sense of the polycounts etc.

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