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Blender used in Australian 'Good Game Game'

Zac Duff won an internship at Good Game, a TV show in Australia, and Blender played a big part in his workflow. A prototype of the game will be released later this week. Zac reports.

Zac wrote:

On the 17th of November, will be releasing the completed prototype of the "Good Game Game".

Basically, Good Game is a TV show in Australia that reports about games, does reviews, and generally indulges the gaming culture in Australia.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) ran a competition to make a game with ideas for it sourced from the TV show's online community. They had a competition in 3 phases that asked for ideas and artwork to be submitted, and from that they chose a game to develop, and two entrants to move to Melbourne and work on the game with the developer Infinite Interactive for the 3 month duration of the prototype. I2 are best known for Puzzle Quest and the Warlords series.

The game chosen was developed as a 3D casual game, and I was one of the two entrants that won an internship. I used Blender for all of the environment work and some of the animation. I was so happy with the ease with which I could get the models into the engine we used, and had it not been for Blender, I would have struggled to get through the 80+ 3D models that were needed! I found the workflow so very smooth inside Blender, particularly the Unwrapping functionality.

The prototype will be released on the 17th of November, and I am glad that an Australian first utilised Blender so well!



  • AD-Edge

    Very nice to hear. I was watching Good Game last night, will be interesting to see if they do a report on the game sometime and mention Blender.

  • marijn

    what engine did he use then?

  • Socceroos


    It wasn't the blender engine. I'm not sure which engine it is specifically but its a heavily modified/scripted internal one.

    But yeah, its great to hear how Blender is being used to do these kinds of tasks - with such success! Apparently, Zac was able to 'woo' quite a few of the Infinite Interactive designers with Blender's ability. =D

    Well done Zac!

  • Chab
  • Bart

    Link updated, thanks!

  • Cristo

    This is REALLY awesome!

    I'm a regular watcher of Good Game show AND Blender's great, love it! - which is like getting told Christmas and your Birthday are on the SAME DAY! Woot woot... good stuff!

    I'm just wondering, guys, are Good Game reviewing the Apricot Game at all? Has anyone heard anything about that?

    Anyway, thats great news, guys. The Good Game Game looks good, too, by the way (Office Wars, I think it's called)

    Good Game's on Monday Night's @ 9pm on ABC2 and on Friday Night's @ 12:30am or so on ABC1, in case anyone here's wondering.... :)

  • marijn

    @Socceroos: I know. it must have been something like ogre or irrlicht or quake 3 engine, but I wondered which one it was.

  • greenlig

    @marijn - It was a proprietary engine developed by Third Wave Games, we licensed it.

  • Joarm

    way to go ZAC. You are so famous.

  • greenlig

    The game is now online.

    Requires Windows and a video card capable of Shader Model 3.0