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NPR rendering with Blender/Freestyle


Tamito Kajiyama (T.K.) has created some test videos with Blender using the Freestyle renderer and he has come up with some great results!

Tamito writes:

As one of many people who grew up with the influential culture of Japanese
manga and anime, my favorite pastime in childhood was to draw illustrations in
the manga style.

Since I met Blender having a complete set of features for 3D animation, my
major concern in using the software has always been how to create movie clips
with the taste of Japanese manga and anime.

Among the key elements that constitute the Japanese cartoon style, the most
difficult part to produce was solid outlines of shapes. Now that we have the
new Freestyle renderer, however, it is rather an easy task, since in many cases
you just need to specify an appropriate style module and press the render

The integration of Freestyle is really an epoch-making advance in Blender. I
would like to take this opportunity to thank Maxime Curioni for his enormous
efforts to turn this integration into reality.

Although the Freestyle renderer is in an early stage of development, I have
found it very usable and stable enough. I believe many users with a bit of
care and creativity will be able to find ways to exploit the new renderer for
your applications.

I would like to share experiences in using Freestyle with the Blender
community. As a new developer of the Freestyle development team, I would also
like to make contributions toward better usability and stability. I hope I will
be able to give momentum to the project.

Feedback of any kind from users is of particular importance. Thanks a lot for
your cooperation!

Check out Tamito's Vimeo channel.

Tamito has also written up an excellent little tutorial (mirror)on using Freestyle with Blender. I have tried out his for myself and I am definitely looking forward to future releases!

You can follow the development of Freestyle's integration with Blender at Maxime Curioni's blog.

Also see:

A big thanks goes to Tamito for his cooperation and help with this article! Thanks, Tamito!

I am looking forward to the future of Freestyle!

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