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Freestyle integration with Blender: first tests

All the SoC 2008 projects are really cool, but a lot of people are expecting the integration o Freestyle with Blender for a long time, and now that Maxime Curioni is working on the integration, the expectations are increasing.

If you want to check out the progress of the project, Maxime is posting some articles and test renders at his blog.


  • Freakydude

    yup, waiting for this one. blender's edge and edgestyles are just not enough sometimes..

  • shul

    I agree, and as someone who saw the code I can also say that the edge detecting is done at a stage in the rendering where only small amount of poligonal data is used and so it is very hard to extend it in any way.
    Just hope freestyle will be developed further, because I haven't seen anything major done in quite some time now..

  • edna

    My word, you can almost feel the high expectations building up behind this one.

    Really nice to see a GSoC project with a regularly updated blog, especially one that shows nice progress so early on. Many thanks Maxime. Keep going!

    (oh and thanks to Allan posting the article too)


  • Sorbus

    *wow!* Hopeful that this'll come fully to fruition...

  • Alltaken

    Nice stuff Ecks.

    Might need to hang up the 24hour challenge gloves since you are miles ahead these days.

  • Irowebot

    Ok I feel a little out of the loop here. I should probably know this but what is "freestyle"?

  • LukasT
  • James Hales

    I like how often the blog is updated. That's really nice.

  • Ronin


    It made Blendernation news.
    I've got lots of faith in Maxime Curioni.He's credits seem to say he a bright guy,
    and he has laid out his proposal for this project nicely from the beginning.
    Dude has only been up to phase 1 of this but I would take a windows svn compile of
    what he is working on right now.

    Thank you again Maxime.:)

  • Emmanuel

    Yeah, nice to see the interest gathered by the Blender-Freestyle marriage hasn't faltered a bit! And kudos to Maxime who's doing an excellent job so far, his project is progressing steadily and show great promise! It's exciting to see these first renders, that early in the schedule, I can't wait to see what the result will be by the end of the summer... but let's not put too much pressure on Maxime. :)

  • David Revoy ( Deevad )

    A dream for me, can have this tool would be a decisive help for all my background works in my comics, with large architectures, rendered with a preset as the renaissance one : ( my favorite freestyle demo on the gallery ,see the link bellow )
    Good job developers ! I hope this tool will be integrated to the main code, and functional as the other terrific Blender option.

  • Dorian

    Will the Freestyle style modules be available as nodes in Blender's compositor, or will Freestyle only be available as an external renderer like Yafray?

  • MCHammond

    Cant Wait for this :)
    Hope it can be added as a filter in the node editor but anyway will be good:)
    Seeing this last year was what inspired me to start character animating " i want to make a cartoon style animation :D"
    anyways hope this program gets fully integrated so us blender heads can use its full power to realize our imagination.

  • wzzl

    I am SO waiting on this one.

    NODES(AO+EDGE) is already way cooler and faster than most other renderers.

    People are waiting for external renderer integration to get done so blender can keep up with others, but with freestyle integrated blender will be UNIQUE.

    freestyle + nodes will kill, I am sure.

  • celldrifter

    Holy crap! I've never even heard of Freestyle, but man that is one cool program. And integration into Blender? The possibilities...

  • yellow

    Great, have been building this from GSOC SVN branch for a couple of weeks but no commits for the last 6 days so is there a build or is there goin gto be a commit shortly. :-)

    Excellent news, hopefully the style modules which are python in freestyle could be loaded via the pynode 'dynamic'.

    Going to checkkout the blog.

  • ArtIsLight

    YES! Praise God. I am so looking forward to using the program. Imagine a moving ink drawing, or a Chinese painting coming to life, or a drawing emerging from a torn paper and turning into the creature it was a drawing of... wow

  • ArtIsLight

    YES! Praise God. I am so looking forward to using the renderer. Imagine a moving ink drawing, or a Chinese painting coming to life, or a drawing emerging from a torn paper and turning into the creature it was a drawing of... wow

  • Tony

    Great news. I've been hoping to see this for a long time.

  • Bmud

    *actually reads the article*

    No veins bursting yet, but next time I might just pop. O_O This is soo cool.

  • rexprime

    i cant wait untill we can test a patch

  • Ataru


    There are no words.

  • Satish "ILuvBlender" Goda

    One can only say "We are all living in good times..." :)

  • BlendRoid

    I CAN. NOT. WAIT. This looks amazing already... in a way. :P

  • Squiggly_P

    bookmarked, and I really hope this ends up being integrated finally. That renderer is amazing and has a lot of potential.

  • Dave

    Blog tip: please if you are going to mention another project wrt to blender, link to it in the article. That way us noobs can go figure out why its important. And googling "Freestyle" didn't really help this time.

    Thanks to LukasT for the link.

  • Sorbus

    Great! I hadn't noticed it's also running on a mac! :)

    Don't worry, they also mention Linux and Windows...

  • Arru

    Awesome, I can't wait! Artistic rendering, not photorealism is clearly the future of 3D graphics as a cultural phenomenon. Keep up the good works, I got my eyes on you :)

  • Carl Elliott

    Nice article, thank you. I really love it.

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