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Cartoon/ink node setup

inkrender2.jpgA very nice toon/ink look using composite nodes has been posted by blenditall at Blenderartists.

Take a look at this node setup:


Lots of control. Good to study. Thanks for sharing blenditall.


  • gord

    neat, some problems with it getting a photocopied look (too much 'ink' not reperesenting the lines but just dark areas) and it doesn't handle colours (but you can do that externally of course with a blend) but still a handy resorce

  • tessa

    Its really cool to use nodes for this kind of thing but maybe it seems a bit cumbersome.

    Does anyone know how this is coming along?

  • Carl Complaint

    Looking at how the freestyle website hasn't been updated for roughly a year, and the fact that they include a 65k JPEG in print resolution on their web page, but scale it down client-side by using the "width" tag, I have a bad gut feeling towards this project. ;)

  • Carl Complaint

    Sorry, I misread. 3 years :)

  • Bart

    @Carl: The download page has been updated last november: . Check your facts.

  • JaX2MiLz

    We really should be keeping this for everyone to use and not in thousands of different websites but just one that has everything you need.

  • Carl Complaint

    @Bart: Sorry, just checked the Main and Gallery pages. It's just that I'm so used to dead open source projects that I'm probably very biased right from the start. My apologies :)

  • Gat

    that image for the node set up is not clear enough I can't see the names of the nodes on the right, is it possible to post the blend file or a higher resolution image plz? thanks

  • shul

    @Gat: Yeah, I tried as well.. asked for a blend in the thread..

  • Brian Treacy

    Similar, yet simpler results acheived posted on Blender Nation a while ago using a combination of Render Layers and Nodes here:

  • Mussadique

    I tried enhancing the nodes image and added labels to what I thought were the correct items. Hope this helps.
    Try the link below:

  • Tadd

    Wow! This is pretty dang pimp. This honestly brings some great ideas to my mind and fixes other problems I was having .. working on a graphic novel, using blender for some of the things - and this was something I wanted. A SinCity/think sketch look to my designs ... very good. VERY good.


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