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Blender 2.8 -2.9 Five Tips & Tricks (Version 1)


3D Tudor writes:

Have you ever wondered if there are any Blender 2.8 – 2.9 tips and tricks that you might have missed?

This video gives a brief overview of five different tips and tricks that a lot of 3D modellers and artists might not be aware of:

  • How to make faces out of vertices
  • How to position camera with a few buttons
  • How to retopologise a high-poly mesh with one click
  • Two other tips & tricks based within the above features

About the Author

neil bettison

This channel's purpose is to bring you quick, and to the point tutorials about 3D modelling. It is also dedicated to my personal 3D modelling projects from my work as a 3D Freelance Artist, and keeps you up-to-date with my online courses on Udemy and Skillshare. I am also an online tutor, and therefore feature the introductions to my online courses here. Please see my links to hire me from freelance work, to view my various shop pages, or to enroll to my online courses. I updated my content regularly, so subscribe to get all my updates!


  1. Boba Lazarevi? on

    Here's another tip: the word is vertex, not "vertice". "Vertice" means nothing. It's elementary knowledge that everyone that aspires to teach others should possess.

    The word is poking you in the eye from every corner of the interface. How hard is it to get it right?

    • Boba:

      I dont know or care what your personal problems with the author here are, but your actions are shameful and unprofessional in the extreme -- you really need to chill out. I can tell you this... If I had a contract with you to do work for me, it would have been terminated as soon as I read your comments -- I cant believe you would actually post something like this

      • Overreacting much? Of course you are! I explained further below what I meant, in a reply to a reasonable person, and you didn't even have a modicum of wit to read it before replying, so you may give your rant about "shamefulness and unprofessionalism" a rest. You're certainly no better than I am.

        At least I demonstrated a bit of perfectionism, a trait higly in demand in the workforce.

        As for you, you'd never be able to fire me because I'd never want to work for someone like you to begin with. You sound like you'd use every excuse not to pay me.

      • Hi TIM HOLMES, thank you so much for backing me up. I try my best for my written text to look its best at all times, but it is difficult for me as a dyslexic person. There are many dyslexic artists out there, and a lot of the time, it's what draws us to this field. However, because talking is so much quicker and difficult to edit if you cannot perceive your errors easily, small grammar inaccuracies such as this one happen.

        • You don't need backing up against me. I'm not dangerous. And for the record, I wasn't trying to shame you, that's for immature people, such as the guy that's backing you up. I was simply pointing out the nagging mistake many Blender guys make, that I never found among users of any other similar software.

          I'm sorry to hear that you're dyslexic. But you seem to be getting other words right and are only making this mistake common to many, presumably non-dyslexic, folks. And if it was only the spoken mistake, why is it also found in the written form in the thumbnail?

          Again, pardon me if I sound mean. I'm, at this point, only curious.

          • I quote:
            {"Vertice" means nothing. It's elementary knowledge that everyone that aspires to teach others should possess."}

            Seriously, you're either lying or completely relationally unaware to say that you didn't mean that as an insult, however, if that's not enough:

            {"The word is poking you in the eye from every corner of the interface. How hard is it to get it right?"}

            THAT is NOT meant to be an insult!? And you wonder why people are clapping back at you...

            For your reference, an appropriate and non condescending response to this "issue" would be:

            "Your tutorial contained a lot of great information! I did notice one slight grammatical error. You say the word "vertice" instead of vertex. It's a common error, especially among 3D modelers, but I thought that I would share to help you in future tutorials. Keep up the great work!"

            Or, you know, you could have said nothing because it literally doesn't change the comprehensiveness of his tutorial one little bit.

    • Thank you for saving us from this false prophet and his illegitimate illuminations! Please point us to your tutorials so that we may also be enlightened to the wrongs of those who speak counterfeit words in their teachings. Otherwise I would errantly be of the persuasion that this tutorial was still comprehensible and offered us great information, despite a grammatical flaw!

      On a side note, I wish to caution you to please be careful when you sit down as you may inadvertently hurt yourself...

      • I don't do tutorials. How about that, Mr.Shakespeare?

        What do you do when you suffer malpractice at the hands of a doctor? Keep your mouth shut because you're not a medical professional yourself?

        • Your analogy is of such a hyperbolic nature, it's very laughable. You are here comparing a life and death situation with one slightly incorrect word in a video tutorial about 3D modeling.

          • You only resort to contempt because you have nothing else to turn to and you know it. My point stands - a user does have the right to complain, be it in a life-or-death situation or otherwise.

            How I had exercised my right in this case touched you dearly, for some reason, as you had comprehensively elaborated in the reply on the adjacent thread. To avoid replying there, too, I can just say - there are no other "people clapping at me" but two insecure blokes who've read too much into what has been written.

            I just wish Blendernation curated their content better. Then there'd be no need for me to chip in like this.

      • Hi BLAZER0003, thank you so much for the support. It is great to hear the tutorial offered you useful information. That's totally what I was aiming for.

        As I explained to BOBA LAZAREVI?, dyslexia is a disability, and at least in the UK, it is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, so I agree with you that I should not be discriminated against or be seen as less of an instructor.

        It would be a pleasure to have you watch more of my tutorials on:

        Should you be looking for a nice way to spend your time with something bigger, feel free to check out my tutor profile also:

  2. Hi Boba, in all cases where the word vertex is used, the word “vertices” is the plural form of the singular “vertex”. Missing out an s when something is pronounced is not necessarily indicative of lack of expertise or professionalism. Dyslexia is a disability which a lot of artists suffer from, and I do not condone shaming in that regard because it could come across as prejudicial.

    • Boba Lazarevi? on

      Hi, Neil.

      The plural form "vertices" is not being an issue here, only the singular form of the word. And neither is the general expertise in terms of knowing your way around the software an issue. I'm not questioning the author's general expertise.

      The issue is teaching others, where different standards are applied. It's bad for a teacher to not have the simplest basic terminology down pat. It simply doesn't instill confidence, that's all there is to it. An artist can afford to bungle words, a teacher cannot.

      Bringing up dyslexia is a bad move. It's a serious disorder and it has nothing to do with this mistake that seems to be quite common exclusively among Blender teachers. I've never heard teachers of other 3D software saying "vertex" wrong.

  3. Boba
    No, you are not dangerous, you are rude and mean spirited. There was no call whatsoever to post your original comment in such a mean tone. Did I come on hard? Yes, I did it intentionally, I responded in the same manner that you did to the original poster, hoping that you would realize how mean spirited you sounded. By the way, if you were not trying to shame our original poster, you certainly did a great job of it without intending to.

    My point is that you need to think about how things sound before you actually post them, you have caused a great deal of frustration and likely hurt feelings with your insensitive response to this post, but that is what you intended to do, so I'll grant you your little victory, and tell you to go find a bridge to live under with all the other trolls

    • Are you having a laugh? You were out to teach me a lesson, were you? I was right, you are indeed making excuses for yourself in life. What a cop out.

      You weren't teaching me a lesson, a-a, you were lashing out because you enjoy it. You enjoy being a righteous git. I don't.

      I merely stated some valid criticism. Harsh maybe, brief definitely, but still only criticism. I also backed it up with a reason behind it. You, on the other hand, went full retard, even going as far as making threats about my hypothetical employment. Who in his right mind does that? I used to work for people like you. People like you are a cancer on this business and on the society in general.

      Funny that you were far more incensed by my comment than the person it was meant for. What does THAT say about you, huh?

  4. I would ask please that we end this here. My tutorials are free for everyone and I create them to help people learn and to help my family.

    I make mistakes, like everyone else, and will continue to do so in the future. I can't imagine that any of my tutorials or courses are completely free of errors - same as with most other tutors or software (i.e., Blender, Adobe Photoshop, or cooking for the matter).

    Most people seem to enjoy and learn from my material, and that is what counts for me. We have enough going on in the world right now to bring sadness to our days, so put this behind us at least. I certainly know that I can do that.

    Thank you to all who commented. There's truth in all the comments and let's lay this to bed now.
    Kindest regards, Neil - 3D Tudor

  5. Im dyslexic and find this absolutely mind boggling. Im HORRIBLE at english and struggle daily in speaking properly as my boyfriend is a younger version of Elon the great Musk lol not kidding hes a freaking brain

    No hate all and as for the dyslexia part? I was born in USA and still struggle as my first language and am trying to learn blender because its a new artform and all i really have. I went from the alley ways on the streets with spray paint at any time getting shot at (and im not a boy) stahhhhp shooting! Okay okay il get to the point....

    the point being hell idk tbh but a highlight in this comment id like to say is that its a happy go funny positive post as im just a noobie to blender. I hope some day i can be as good as others and not feel worthless in the world. I came here to learn tips and tricks and got all in my feelies! ick! Just be happier than when you came to the page.

    Thank you for reading my odd comment and have nice day please!

  6. Dear Lord.
    I came here for advice about Blender, and all I see is a petty argument. Yes the singular is "vertex" and the plural is "vertices". But is it worth all those pages of angst to make that point?
    Sorry not to find anything useful here. I'll look elsewhere for now.

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