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Download: Super Image Denoiser Node


Kevin Lorengel writes:

Noise has always been an issue when rendering in Cycles, first we got rid of it by increasing out samples, which ineitably increased the render time.

Blender Foundation gave is a denoising feature in blender 2.78, which was pretty good at that time, as we had no alternative, tho it is very slow and causes more artifacts than its reducing noise.

Remington Graphics used the Nvidia AI Denoiser to create the D-Noise addon, which worked well, but caused a lot of "smearing" and bad edges, unusable for animations.

Intel open image Denoiser was added into Blender 2.81, allowing you to have more control over it in the compositor, but it too had lots of smearing and tearing, but not as much as Nvidia.

I created a node group that harnesses the full potential of Intels Denoiser to give you an easy way to get wonderfully clean renders, with nearly no smearing or loss in detail, as it breaks the rendered image into its many components and denoises it all one by one and combines it back together for you to use!

Here you can download it for free!

Doubt its power? Here I have a comparison!

You want to use it but are not sure how? I've have the solution!

This no node group will massively help you out with the renders, saving you a lot of time, and potentially money if you use a render farm!

You can reduce your samples and render on low power machines with no need to upgrade and get cleaner results than any other Denoiser!

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  1. Christopher Taylor on

    Hello, Before I download, how does it do with animations? I've been trying to find a good denoising solution and the results I've been getting are a bit weak..

  2. Hello,

    I can download only py script, but not zip file.

    Message appeared:
    Page not found.
    The thing you were looking for doesn't exist.

  3. I'm sorry, but with new Update there are some big difference in Render Result with Composite and View Layer images..
    Both with realese 2.82 and on Build 2.83.

  4. Hello Kevin, I have a bug with the latest version (add-on) but with the previous one too on Blender 2.82a. I let you screeenshots to show you :

    It works if I don't touch anything after the render but if I do anything in the compositor (just disconnect a node and reconnect it in the same slot for example), I have results in the render view as the 2 first screenshots (I have a different result each time, it's 2 examples of what I can have).

    Other thing, it works VERY WELL (thanks !) in most cases but as in the 2 last screenshots, you can see I loose the grain on the wall that is intended (it's understandable as it's a noise texture used to do the bump :P). Do you think there is a way to avoid this ?

    • Where is the bug? I don't see anything wrong.
      if you mean the warning, it says it's not compatible with blender 2.8 as the Intel denoiser is not yet in it. And not compatible with 2.83 as there are no SSS passes in it

        • This is maybe an issue that is already known, gumroad renamed the file and makes it not work anymore. Renaming the file to something like "" should fix it. Really annoying but today I'll try to upload it as a zip so it's not renamed

  5. Hi Kevin, when I enable under Layer Properties Editor > Denoising it brings only "Noise Image" socket into Render Layers composite node. I do not have any of yours Denoising sockets at the bottom of your Render Layer node. So I can't plug them into your Group node (Denoising Normal. Albedo) under OS X. Or there is another Denoising feature? Thanks for more info.

  6. Hello
    It seems I found a bug in the addon.
    If I render with a resolution of 4000 pixels, SID instead displays an Image pass for Glossy.
    But if the resolution is only 2000 pixels, everything is normal.

  7. Hi, I've been using your denoiser and it's great, but I came across a problem when I tried to render with transparent background. Light outline around the object appears after the node group gets executed.
    It looks like this:
    And is not present when I use default denoiser or when I don't use it at all.

    And as I said the problem even exist when the background is present.
    But it's not as noticeable

    Here is my compositor setup

  8. hello everyone, I wanted to ask something about a problem that I encountered with the super denoise node, it practically happens that in the final rendering phase some materials are damaged which is obscured .. below the link with the images of what I mean, has happened to anyone? how did you solve? I'm wasting a lot of hours understanding why .. I use blender 2.83.2

  9. I’ve tried it, realized it’s not for me, removed the addon, but after that the denoise node in compositor (the cycles one) just stopped working..

  10. Kevin Lorengel on

    make sure everything else is set up correctly and the nodes are connected.
    the addon does not change any code of the nodes, so it can't affect it.

    Kind regards,
    Kevin Lorengel

  11. Kevin Lorengel on

    Have you tried a new project?
    SID does not change any internal code of blender. And with it removed. I it is impossible that it is the cause.
    There must be something else going on.

  12. I couldn’t manage what’s wrong, but in the end just removed and installed blender again and it helped‍♀️ Thank you for your answers!

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