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Hiker - Eevee v.s. Cycles Comparison


SouthernShotty writes:


I've been experimenting more with Eevee and the irradiance light probe system. I think that with a few lighting adjustments you can get some pretty close results with drastically lower render times. With Eevee in Blender 2.8 and now the new AI denoiser in 2.81, Blender is a great option for people who want to do 3D but can't afford a higher-end PC.

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  1. i really love the style!

    to make it a more meaningful apples-to-apples comparison, it might help to try to match the materials/lighting a little closer.

    cycles here is definitely showing more specular, which eevee is perfectly capable of, so thats not something you'd necessarily have to "give up" as this comparison might suggest. a user might just have to do things slightly differently (like if you're using emission planes for lighting in cycles, you'd have to make area lights in eevee to get those nice rectangular highlights.)

    i do wish eevee could get a slightly more refined depth of field option for final renders (even if it was a bit slower). i find the current implementation bleeds the blurry background into the focussed foreground elements a bit too much.

  2. Hi,
    Do you mind to share the settings like screenspace reflctions, ambient occlusion, other EEVEE render settings?
    I can compare it then what I have found to far.

    Here one of my favorite settings, but would be great if I could improve it:
    py.context.scene.render.engine = 'BLENDER_EEVEE'
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.taa_render_samples = 256
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_gtao = True
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gtao_distance = 0.6
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gtao_factor = 0.4
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gtao_quality = 0.6
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_gtao_bent_normals = True
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_gtao_bounce = True
    # bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_sss = True
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_bloom = False
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_ssr = True
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_ssr_halfres = False
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.ssr_quality = 1
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.ssr_max_roughness = 0.5
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.ssr_thickness = 0.2
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.ssr_border_fade = 0.075
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.ssr_firefly_fac = 10
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.shadow_method = 'VSM'
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.shadow_cube_size = '1024'
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.shadow_cascade_size = '1024'
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_shadow_high_bitdepth = True
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_soft_shadows = True
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.light_threshold = 0.01
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gi_diffuse_bounces = 3
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gi_cubemap_resolution = '512'
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gi_visibility_resolution = '32'
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gi_irradiance_smoothing = 1
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gi_glossy_clamp = 0
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gi_filter_quality = 1
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gi_cubemap_display_size = 0.3
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.gi_irradiance_display_size = 0.1
    bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_overscan = True
    bpy.context.scene.view_settings.view_transform = 'Filmic'
    bpy.context.scene.view_settings.look = 'None'
    bpy.context.scene.view_settings.exposure = 0
    bpy.context.scene.view_settings.gamma = 1
    bpy.context.scene.view_layers["View Layer"].use_pass_normal = True
    bpy.context.scene.view_layers["View Layer"].use_pass_ambient_occlusion = True

  3. Personally no Pro. would use Eevee for a Production renders.. I use Eevee for lighting setups, pre-vis renders, texture setups. Now i am NOT saying that this is all that Eevee is good for... För me and my work those are the areas where EeVee has save me tons of time

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