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Digital Age Reduction & Beauty VFX Shots Using Cutting Edge AI Software


chrislowe writes:

We'd like to introduce a new software to you that revolutionizes character and facial-based VFX: Character Face Gen (CFG). This software is based on a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine.

The CFG software will enable your to carry out difficult facial VFX tasks easily and at a fraction of the time it takes currently.

The video, which includes the original footage, a rendering of the 3D output straight from the software, and final shots created with those 3D outputs was created with help from Blender.

Any feedback or question is greatly welcomed. If you or anyone you know would like to license our software please let me know.


    • this is not related to keen tools or any nuke plugin... CFG is a standalone software that exports out 3d in fbx output that can be used in many 3d softwares.

  1. This is not de-ageing. This is just tracking a blur mask.
    No different than Instagram.

    De ageing is not blurring. It's cloning skin samples over and blending shadows.

    • except it isnt...
      the output is a 3d fbx file that is a little more than a tracking solution... it uses AI to create a 3d face that tracks the face with no other imput than the video.

      the difference here is the accuracy of the track and the implementation of the AI... the output is much more accurate to the video imput.

      de-aging and blemish work is yes a little more complicated then a blurring effect... but it is totally dependent on the source video the texture for the 3d is extracted from the video and then the skin sampling can be cloned from here and then blending shadows... this becomes a little tedious but can be automated... like frequency seperation meathod... so you can do this to the texture as the user wants... oh and with Blenders great paint function this can also be used.

    • seems a little rough... but it is totally up to the artists hands... maybe with a higher skilled artist a better output can be created... CFG is just responsible for the 3d animated output... the rest is up to the artist.

      you might be interested to know that the 3d as generated by CFG was created in 2.5 minutes per frame... and the final project was approx 1 hr per second.

      • Yes the speed is amazing but it still looks like shit. I'd really like to see something interesting and change my mind.

        • Giving constructive feedback is welcome, but just calling something 'shit' is not. Don't be lazy and share what you think should be improved.

          • What should be improved? Are you joking? Everything to make it look a bit realistic. We are not in 90's 20th century.
            I believe it has a potential but for God sake give this tool to some talented artists to show what can be really done.

          • SURE has some valid points... better artistry would take these examples to the next level...

            we are working on several versions that would be suitable for many different artists... as a standalone.

            if thought someone might be interested in seeing the blend file to make you own outputs, to see if you can come up with a better output, i think that we might be able to accommodate this... let me know how to get in contact with you and we can see how to proceed.

  2. Then you sure have a better one. Go on, share it wirh the world. Show us what you are capable off? What? You don't have that? How? It's so easy isnt it? Go on, by next week you will have it done, now don't you?

    • CFG is designed with the artist in mind... the output is available in fbx output so that many different 3d programs can read it... CFG uses blendshapes making the output easily manipulateable after the fact.

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