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B'rn - Free Procedural Fire Shader


simonthommes writes:

Hey there, it's me again :)

I created a 100% procedural, volumetric, animated fire shader for Blender that you can get for free or a tip of your choice.

It requires no simulation at all, just slap it onto a cube-like object and you're good to go :)


About the Author

Simon Thommes

Blender enthusiast since v2.5


  1. I get the feeling you are peeking in my windows! I am just creating a city scene in a bad area. I wanted a barrel with fire coming out of it and really struggling with anything close to realistic. Your timing is amazing! I will try this and let you know how it looks.

    Thanks a bunch, to you and all the really talented individuals that create these add-ons for people like me.

  2. This is surely one of the most useful, interesting, time saving elements I've seen. I myself give it a thought but never even tried... Thanks a lot man, and congratulations for the great job.

    • Technically both but, if your project only makes minor use of it, I really don't care. If you are displaying the shader very prominently in your project though, it still would be proper to credit the source. Especially if you use it commercially.
      I am not going to take action when I see my shader used without credit. It is only common decency to give appropriate credit where it is due.

        • The credit doesn't have to be in the medium itself. Just make a short note alongside the upload of the video. In the description on youtube/vimeo/your website just somewhere. If there is no upload or it is just not possible leave it out.
          As I said, I don't feel too strictly about this licensing. I am probably going to apply full CC0 some time in the future. At this point, it just helps to spread the word even though I know that it is an annoying problem.

  3. Wonderful shader, thank you! Having a bit of an issue though - when rendering with transparency, the fire has no alpha and does not render. Of course, I can render it without alpha, set other objects to Holdout and then composite it, but still... is there a better solution, please? Thank you!

  4. I added smoke by making a version of the B'rn material that I mainly decreased the saturation and value toward the end of the chain of nodes (you have to "open" the monad with the tab key) and also altered some of the settings within the shader; reduced noise, sized it up, etc.. Finally positioned the box with the smoke material a little higher than the fire on and stretched it a bit in the Z direction.
    I am sure it can be done better but this made some nice wispy wood fire looking smoke without too much effort.

  5. Just want to say this material is excellent!
    Have wanted something like this for a while, thanks!
    Definitely "Tip" tip this guy when you go to download it.


  6. I love this, so helpful. Btw, anyone who's using this with Eevee, if the fire clips/renders on top of other objects, you need to decrease the "end" value in Volumetrics settings.

  7. Great job with this man, very useful. NOOB question incoming how do I apply this to a cube in blender 2.81. Brushing off the dust from years of not using blender and I need a refresher, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Append the material from the file he provides (File > Append > B'rn file > Material > choose the material). Now it's in your cube scene. Now select the cube and in the Material tab, choose the material you just appended,

  8. This thing is fantastic. It worked flawlessly in blender 2.8x .. However in Blender 2.90.0 when I render a scene spanning two different computers, the flames don't match. Never saw this in 2.83 but now, it isn't farm friendly.

  9. I had to create an account just so I could say thanks! I plan to drop a couple bucks on the gumtree because this is genuinely amazing. Better than any plugin I have used for fire. The fact that it even has it's own luminance is actually perfect. You deserve the praise. It was so easy to use I am astounded. Props to you.

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