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Magic UV v5.0 Released


Nutti writes:

Magic UV provides UV tools of which Blender lack. V5.0 adds lots of newly features:

  • Copy/Paste UV
  • Transfer UV
  • Flip/Rotate UV
  • Mirror UV
  • Move UV
  • World Scale UV
  • Preserve UV Aspect
  • Texture Lock
  • Texture Wrap
  • UV Sculpt
  • Unwrap Constraint
  • Texture Projection
  • UVW
  • Align UV
  • Smooth UV
  • Select UV
  • Pack UV (Extension)
  • Align UV Cursor
  • UV Cursor Location
  • UV Bounding Box
  • UV Inspection

NOTICE: v5.0 has already included to Blender itself, so v5.0 will be available for all Blender user without the installation in the future.

About the Author

Indie Game/App Developer. And Interested in Blender add-on's Development and Machine Learning.


      • Sorry, I did not notice that the play speed is 2x than original.
        I will release new Magic UV version which fixes the known bugs, and remake the tutorial video.

        • Not sure if this is a known bug, but I've run into an issue. I've been trying to use the Measure World UV feature to match texel density on some objects, but I keep getting this notification in the top bar that says "Object must have more than one UV map and texture". I've tried adding more UV maps and textures but it doesn't seem to fix anything. Not sure why it wants multiple anyway. Thanks for creating this plugin though, so many of these tools are going to be massively helpful in my workflow!

          • Thanks for your reporting.
            This error is already reported lots of time, but I'm not sure the situation to raise this error.
            And I would like to clear the cause.

            Did you assign UV Map to the mesh and assign texture in UV/Image Editor?

        • (Having to reply to this comment again since the last comment didn't have a reply button on my side?)

          I can provide a link to the project I'm working on- just a small tileset of walls for an apartment interior scene:

          I've gone through each of the objects, and just assigned them a UV test material using a UV Test Grid image made in the Blender UV Editor. So far I've been roughly scaling their UV's by eye to match, trying to use the World UV Scale option in Magic UV throws up that error. I tried this as well in a new scene, created a new object, same error gets thrown up.

          • Thanks.

            Because of your great help, I could fix the problem.
            As I mentioned other place too, I will release v5.1 which fixes the bugs including this bug in this weekend.

  1. I'm sure no offence was meant and I can see you've put a lot of work into this.

    You've obviously very familiar with all the ins-and-outs of this tool and t's understandable that your demonstration may seem a little overwhelming to someone new to it.

    Just one quick question. The notes above indicate that v5.0 is in the Blender trunk now. Does that mean we will receive it with the new 2.79a release that's currently in RC?

    • Click in window to stop and copy screen paste to gimp to save...or

      go youtube settings and change speed of video to slow it down. Great for watching speed sculpting and other.

      A little tip we should all know about. Happy landings!

    • Hey Ammusionist, just to clarify in case you think it was the addon creator that pointed out the rude comment, it's not. I'm just observing basic manners. Say thank you like a good person, then point out your criticism. The more this gets pointed out on the internet, maybe some people might stop being knobheads. That said, I've been using magic UV for some time now, it's a must have.

        • I hardly think it's too much to ask to show a little respect. Making addons (or making anything worthwhile) is hard work, and time consuming. I'm inclined to think that is worthy of a better first comment than was given here. Was I jumpy? Yeah sure, maybe, I'll grant you that. Too much coffee perhaps, or maybe I'm just a jumpy asshole, but I'm also sticking to my guns on the matter.

          Get this addon if you haven't already btw, it's a life saver. If the tutorial is too fast, then I'm sure if you ask politely the creator may make a better one for you.

          • Sorry for my failure about the play speed of tutorial. It is my fault to mistake the configure about the play speed. (original speed is 1/2)

            I will release v5.1 after fixed the known bugs and remake the tutorial whose play speed is normal.

            > Just one quick question. The notes above indicate that v5.0 is in the Blender trunk now. Does that mean we will receive it with the new 2.79a release that's currently in RC?

            That's right.
            Magic UV v5.0 has already committed to Blender trunk.

  2. First: great add-on, it will speed things a lot, thanks! Second: anybody managed to use "World Scale UV" function? It gives me error: more than one UV map and texture needed". But using two UV maps doesn't help and I don't know where should I put second texture.

    • I'm happy to share the problem you faced with more detail.
      If you show me the problem more clearly, I can tell the solution or fix this add-on.

  3. I'll install (copy) uv magic folder in blender addon but when I'll try to copy paste I'll had no menu for it. Thanks by advance for your advices.

    • Not sure why you can't see the add-on for sure in menu....
      Most people install the add-ons using the "Install Add-Ons from File" Option located at bottom of panel under the FILE- User Preferences- Add-Ons Tab....
      ...After selecting the file from the directory where it is downloaded from...Then you have to "find the newly added Add-on in the panel above and "activate it" by checking the box next to it....
      Then the newly installed add-on should appear in the Tools Panel of the 3D Editor window...(tap T)
      Note: To make sure it always appears each time you open Blender, you need to "save the User settings" (at bottom of the Add-ons Tab) to isnsure it appears "automatically" each time Blender is opened.
      Hope this clears up Add-on Install method...

  4. Thanks for response,I'll try it but after designed the zip and make install it's go I'll saw the 5.0 version in preference addon but when I select the object in edit mode and U to saw the menu,I'll don't saw the menu to copy paste or other thing.

  5. Thanks for addon.
    When I use the relax or any feature using sculpt from magic UV, it moves the verts, faces , mesh around .
    What am I doing wrong ?

  6. I was trying to use the Preserve UV Aspect option for a work project. But when I used it, just like the tutorial showed it did not work. The texture did not change nor did the UV's on the Mesh. That was in Cycles Render. I tried it in Blender Render and it worked. Does that mean the option to Preserve UV Aspect, does not work with Cycles Render?

  7. Hi, I want to use Blender in company but i needed preserve uv's.
    Your addon is awesome, it can do what i need but can you make Texture lock feature for more then one vertex/edge/face and so it won't show errors and it could automaticly turn off when user return to object mode (it shows errors too).

    Thanks and again I love your work, keep it up? ;)

    • Texture Lock is available only in Edit mode.
      You must turn off when you change Object mode to Edit mode.
      But I think it should not be showed the error message. I will fix the add-on not to show the error message when you change to Edit Mode.


      • Thank you,

        also, is it possible to manipulate more vertices (one after another) without clicking stop/start every time?

        • Yes, may be I can.

          But I have a suggestion.
          I think this is not good place to discuss about the add-on functions and issues. If you have a GitHub account, please make the issue about your idea. I did not see this thread everyday, so it's helpful if this discussion is held on GitHub.

          Anyway, I will tackle this issue. Thanks for great feedback.

          • I am sorry, i'll go to make an account on GitHub right now and post this issue there.

            Thank you for your patience, help and have a great day.

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