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Power Sequencer, the Free add-on for video editors


gdquest writes:

Power Sequencer is a new open source add-on for Blender's sequencer. It's designed by content creators, for content creators.

I edited hundreds of videos with professional programs over the past 3 years. They tend to crash pretty badly, including the most expensive ones.

Now I work exclusively with Blender. Despite its limitations, it's the most stable video editor I've found. It's not the easiest to learn or the fastest out of the box, but it's never let me down. With a bit of Python magic, it also becomes more efficient over time.

Power Sequencer's main features

  1. Instant import: finds and imports all new videos, images and sound files in your project folder
  2. Render HD videos for Youtube, Twitter and Facebook in one keyboard shortcuts: Power
  3. Sequencer sets all the rendering parameters for you
  4. Cut, trim and edit faster than ever in Blender with smart mouse-based tools
    Instant fades and crossfades
  5. Build better proxies with FFmpeg, using a Python script

And more!

It's now out in "alpha", in a fairly stable state. There's already 14 videos tutorials about both the Sequencer in general and the add-on's unique tools. And more to come!

We're working on docs with Davide Cristi, and anyone who'd like to help is more than welcome! A bit of Python, communication or writing mini video editing tutorials, we welcome all contributors. Hopefully this will help to bring more users to the VSE, keep it alive and help more creators appreciate its power.

Thank you for your time :)

About the Author

Nathan GDquest

Designer and author of 200+ free tutorials. Learn Game Creation with Open Source Software!


  1. I stopped using premiere pro about year ago and have edited everything in blender since. VSE is still a little pain in the ass and lacks many important features(the goddamn VU meter so i can se if my audio is good) and some things like stacking effect strips on each other etc are so weird and not logical at all.

    Thank you for making my blender video editing experience bit better.

  2. I would like to use Blender for all my video editing needs, but every time I use it the audio always seems to run out of sync with the video, no matter how long I spend messing with the (scattered) settings. The VSE still needs a massive amount of work to make it intuitive for anyone coming from another editor, but perhaps the Blender 101 project will help there. But I agree, compared with something like DaVinci, Blender VSE is very reliable!

    • For the audio synchronization, I have heard of the issue but didn't experience it too much myself. It seems to mostly happen with very long videos. Or maybe with certain codecs? I try to keep my clips and 10 minutes anyway because of the time it takes to regenerate the waveform every time you open or press Ctrl Z to undo

      The VSE is not a regular and non-linear editor, so I don't think it will be changed to feel and look more like other editors out there. There's KDEnlive for this. But sure, if someone was to take interest in it, maintain and improve it, that would be great. Having looked into the sources, at least everything that has to do with the operators is pretty clear and the code-base not too big.

    • The most common/likely reason behind the problem you're pointing here is that you didn't properly set the "How to sync playback" setting (Timeline window) which has three options:

      - No sync (default)
      - A/V sync (the one that you're probably looking for)
      - Frame dropping (similar to the previous one)

      The proxies feature provide a way to not having to drop so many frames when using the second or the third option.

      Besides that, could indeed be some codec issue, as pointed by the colleagues here. But I suspect that in this case isn't the Blender fault in most situations. Actually most smartphones code their videos in a really weird fashion, so you have to carefully set the proper framerate in the project, and probably use some Speed Control effect strips to "settle down" the clip.

      When doing this it becomes obvious that the way VSE works isn't an straightforward one and arises the need for some trickery as well.... but the thing is that Premiere also fails at some of these issues (I'm not a Premiere expert but saw apparently the same problems on other people) and guess what! nobody blames about it and it doesn't even has the tricky solution!!!

  3. Looks very interesting. Gonna take a look. I use Blender for video editing as it is so quick. @REACTION, I have found that to ensure sync is accurate, I render out a preview. Not ideal, but it works. Well done people.

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