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Launched new Texture & HDRI website


Adrian writes:


I launched last weekend my new website with seamless textures, HDRIs and soon with photoscanned objects. is no more my personal blog with some products, it's a continuous growing library of textures, hdri and photoscanned objects for 3D artists, game developers and everyone else. The goal of the site is to offer you a lot of cheap products in one place, without a subscription or any kind of registration.

At the moment there are 65 seamless 4K textures with all maps which you need for you PBR workflow and 26 HDRIs up to 18K resolution available.

Visit my website and read why it's not free.



  1. Today with lots of good quality CC0 textures and HDRI, $49 for only 65 textures is way overpriced.
    Someone think that can take camera go outside, shoot photos in one week, throw them to ps, b2m/crazy bump and will profit. LOL.
    For me it should be closer to 49$ for 650 or even 1200 textures in present time.
    Good luck :P

    • Hey Raz,

      thanks for you comment.
      Yes, today a lot of artists are creating textures and HDRIs for "free" or it looks like free. They often have an Patreon account where you can support their work. I choose the other way. Would you support me on Patreon if my content woud be CC0? I guess, no.
      "...take camera go outside, shoot photos...", you never tried it by yourself, right? It is much more work than you know.
      I talked with 3D artists, who earn their money with visualizations and everybody say, that $1 per texture is to cheap. Perhaps $49 sounds expensive, for someone who want to use it for his hobby but than you have only to take you camera and go outside...


      • Wrong I can tell you all about texture and reproduction photography, how to use two cross polarization filters to tune down to the minimum reflections, how to shoot your textures with color checker, how to shoot for normal maps, and lot more. The only real problem in this kind of work, is knowledge, gear, and for me the biggest one: weather condition(not everyday is perfect) :)

        • OK, cool. But now don't understand you arguments even less than before.
          I need a good camera, tripods, filter, software, a lot of time, hosting costs and so on and you think that $1 is too expensive?

          • Quick answer to your question is Yes and No. If you don't want to stand out from competition then of course you can sell for the price of $1 per texture/material like everybody else on Cubebrush and other services. In my opinion in that saturated market there is no point to sell another brick wall for the same price like everybody else.

        • OK, now we are going to deep. My goal is, to create a website with textures, HDRIs and photoscanned models (soon available), where you have not to register or pay for an expensive subscription. The user should only buy what he needs or all (for $49 :-D ). That's all.

          Thanks for the exciting/interesting talk :-)

          • "...where you have not to register or pay for an expensive subscription. The user should only buy what he needs or all"
            I agree. Tell that to CGCookie :-)

          • Thx!
            Totally agree, today many companies want to have constant income by forcing users to subscription plans. That's why I personally resign form Adobe and buy Affinity Photo and use my old stand alone lightroom 5 which is no different from LR 6 for my needs (manage photo, basic color correction and export straight to Affintiy Photo in 16/32bit).
            I will definitely check your photo scanned models in the feature!


    That 1st post was a bit harsh RAZ, when was $1 a chore to dip into ones pocket for adding some spice to a visual, many of the ones we do are charged out at hundreds of times that small resource cost. It's a much better business model for textures if the visitor is both professional and a casual pro-sumer user. Both parties win. A good texture library consists of you the artist placing in only what you need, not 650 or 2000 textures that will never ever be touched, and that will take my expensive time to download against fixed monthly timeframes. Who values their own time so low? That is a texture junkie approach for someone whom curates textures and does not actually use only what they need. It's wasteful and not really the right approach to a project scene.

    My suggestion too EISKLOTZ is stick to your revenue model, ensure you have superior browsing and filter tools so a visitor can find what they need quickly and effectively as the resource builds, that saves time and makes visiting a simple experience to download. From the metric side it also puts you in a very good position to know what really sells so that a focus can be arrived at quickly. Not so when users download everything - that metric becomes distorted.

    A large catalog of textures should be tied to why a user will come back and putting a small price on that is healthy. The monthly license scheme is wasteful to most but the vendor, so I think RAZ should rethink the stance and maybe applaud EISKLOTZ for taking a sensible position on risk for a biz model so that both user and vendor win over time. Access to 650 - 2000 textures might give some artists peace of mind and that they are winning the hoarding game, for stuff they will never use, in creative shots - but honestly who are they kidding?

    A sensible scheme - stick with it.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, the filters and possibilities to search are very important but I made the site by my self and it was not possible for me to make it better :-D But I will improve it later. Thanks.

  3. Nice work on those HDRIs! Just a couple notes.

    1. I really, really hate having to enter my email to download free samples. I will not even bother to look through a site's library without first inspecting their free samples for defects.

    2. You are missing some "test cases" with you free samples. Most importantly, there isn't one under direct clear skies. Clear sky HDRIs, with full intensity sunlight are the most telling about an HDRI photographers ability. Could you add one as a free sample. That way I can be satisfied whether or not your site is good.

    Again, great work. HDRIs a tricky. I wish you luck!

    • Hey,
      thanks for the nice words.
      Sorry, that you have to enter your email, but Gumroad is the easiest way for me to sell the hdris/textures. And sometimes, I make one for free but it's still in gumroad. If you mean if they are clipped oder unclipped, the most are clipped.
      I've not "test cases" but I've of every singel HDRI an render example.


    • That is a very good point and I will do it for the future but at the moment it's not possible for me to give you the information, sorry. I started with the textures over 2 years ago and not I can't tell you how big they are. But 3x3m don't mean that it is a good textures. For example the plaster texture is not so big but you can't see any pattern.

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