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Automating Motion Graphics with Blender


Relja Trajkovic writes:

Viddyoze is fully automated motion graphics templates library intended for the people who don't have any experience with 3D or 2D animation software. All they need is Viddyoze login credentials. They pick a template, upload their logo, type in their text and pick colors and after clicking "Render", they get a finished mp4 video file ready to download within four to five minutes. For two years now, we've been creating these motion graphics templates in Blender and on 28th of October this year, we spoke at Blender Conference about our journey. Check out this show real of our "template club" templates available to our template club members.

All of these render in under 20 seconds per frame, and done entirely in Blender.

With over 75.000 users, and over million videos rendered on our platform, we're currently in the process of converting Viddyoze into open marketplace where everyone with skills can create a template in Blender and upload it to our platform. Through "Viddyoze Creators" program, with earn-per-render model we hope to convert a lot of Blender hobbyists into professionals and push Blender upwards on the list of motion graphics software, aligning it with After Effects, and Cinema4D alike.

If you've missed our speech at Blender Conference this year, you can watch it here:


  1. With a tagline like "say goodbye to unresponsive Freelancers", your call to hobbyists to become professionals is kind of ironic don't you think? But if your service can attract clients with no time and no money who only beg for free work from freelancers and want to treat them like employees then I guess it's a great initiative, good riddance!

    • Also one of your testimonials clients (Apple) also appears on the following website which is a shady bullsh*t powder supplement that apparently helped her after she survived breast cancer as a testimonial client:

      And the client called David appears on her video with a hat when they're going up the stairs, I guess they all know one another...

      • Yes, i'm really ambarresed too. There are punchlines on the websites that are purely outrageous. Freelancers are treated "unresponsible" and even "bandits". According to them claiming 80$ per hour is theft! How much does the man who repairs your car earn per hour? How much will you give your hair cutter for a 20 minutes cut? When a hamburger cooked in 2 minutes costs you 5 dollars, how much does it make per hour? And so on. Being a freelancer professional maens earning a living for you and possibly your family. Zero shame about that.
        Advertisement is ok, but the arguments on your website are just ridiculous.

  2. WARNING: Their subscription page is misleading. It is a textbook example of the deceptive and unethical tactic of bait and switch marketing. (I work in marketing by the way.) Their one-time, lifetime access special offer is only for their "core library" of 80 templates. However, to get access to all of the templates you have to pay a monthly fee for their "template club." There is nothing at all wrong with that of course... if they effectively communicated that fact at the time of purchase, which they don't. That little detail is deliberately buried in the FAQ at the very bottom of the page, which takes 45 page downs to get to, after a slew of testimonials that most people are not going to scroll down through.

    I'm not the only one who feels duped by this:

    What a shame. This is a killer concept and my company probably would have been happy to pay a monthly fee for it. If not I would have been willing to pay for it personally. But now... I don't trust or respect them. Trust and respect is the basis of successful business/customer relationships. Why would I want to do business with a company that tricks me into thinking I'm getting more for my money than I really am, only to find out later that I have to pay much more for the product I thought I was purchasing originally? Unfortunately, the guys that developed this service might be good guys who made the mistake of hiring a shady marketing firm who told them that this bait-and-switch tactic would earn them more money faster. If anyone from Viddyoze is reading this, please reconsider your marketing strategy and do the right thing, both for your potential customers and for the long term success of your business.

    • As a customer who was duped, I can testify to what a let down that situation is. I was thrilled they utilize Blender. Their product output looked amazing. I signed up and paid money and afterwards found hard sales tactics to pay additional money to gain access to the content in their promotional videos. Viddyoze - Please change and get more transparent up front because it feels seriously deceiving.

      • When I saw this post here, and those videos really mesmerized me and immediately went to their landing page. It was a huge page and when I saw pricing plans, at the first time I thought so much content for $67 only. I was almost purchased it but somehow I controlled myself and looked page from top to bottom multiple times then I found * symbol at 80+ templates in the pricing table. I scrolled down to 3 to 4 pages to see the meaning of * symbol, I could not find. Then I have to search for it, at last, I found at the bottom of the page in FAQs that for more templates join template club ( price was not mentioned). That trigger bells for me, that those 80 templates might be basic level not much useful in short time. Really, if I did not gone through multiple times, I would already purchased it and felt very drowned later.

  3. Thanks guys for the warnings of their subscription page
    “ The subscription is only valid for their core of 80 templates …”

    Then there was a reaction from one of Viddyoze that they were planning to change something ?
    And now that reaction is gone ?


    I don’t want to do business via this shady way

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