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Blenderos de Habla Hispana Video Series [Spanish]


Pablo, Dalai and Francesco have started video series to inform the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Blender communities of new developments.Pablo writes:

Most news and discussion always happens in English, leaving entire communities unaware of some important Blender news. In an attempt to fix that I've started a series of videos for the Spanish community.

The series is focused on Blender, the new 2.8, animation and production pipeline talk based on my experience at the Blender Institute. Going beyond the typical tutorials for beginners, this series is targeted towards more seasoned Blender users that want to learn more about development, production, or just small talk about Blender in their native language.

In a similar fashion, Dalai Felinto has started a series in Portuguese and Francesco Siddi has done it in Italian. But what about English? The Blender Institute is currently busy wrapping up the Agent 327 project, but we are planning on starting a series of videos in English in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

About Author

Pablo Vazquez

Penguin at Blender Institute/Animation Studio in Amsterdam. Creator of the Caminandes series and part of the Blender UI team.


  1. Angel Agudo Guerrero on

    Estoy/Estamos, encantados con esta serie. Ansiamos los encuentros que se celebran, y el numero de asistentes es cada vez mayor.
    Mi enhorabuena, a todos los que se han animado a esta iniciativa. Espero que se unan mas, y que se extienda un Blender multilingüe.

    I am / We are delighted with this series. We look forward to the meetings being held, and the number of attendees is increasing.
    My congratulations to all who have encouraged this initiative. I hope you will join more, and spread a multilingual Blender.
    Thank you!

  2. Grease Pencil
    Can the grease pencil in version of Blender 2.8 able to draw in real time in 3D view port basically artist can sketch ideas off geometry that is already in scene to create further ideas but using the grease pencil to sketch in real time in the 3d view port for example hold down y key then can draw a perfectly straight line along y axis etc … this way a artist can draw before hand and this would help in the modeling and design process
is there option that need to be set or a add on ?

    interactive Perspective grease pencil grid inside blender (AI) 


    Hi I wish I was a programmer but I terrible at math

    Hi I love sketching and doing very loose concept type of drawing
    And well I been looking for a way to be able to draw or paint in real time.

    But I looking for a tool or a add-on or plugin to either be found or be made for Blender to create a AI for a
    interactive Perspective grid tool that would work inside blenders 3d perspective view port.

    This AI interactive Perspective grid tool would be Be in complete sync
    With and interactive the grease pencil tool.

    So when users moves he's or hers mouse or stylus in the Direction you want to go it will line up or be in the proper perspective along that AI interactive Perspective grid.

    Bottom is I am trying to learn Blenders python or try to find a work around this until someone can make this I think very useful I call it the "3D artist concepts perspective blender tool".

So all Artists can just get things out of her head on the computer in 3d in a Skecth and not worry about any kind of perspective I hope this make any sense.

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