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Tutorial: Three Eyed Mutant / Triclops VFX Effect


Darkfall writes:

In this Two Part Tutorial series we attempt to create the fabled "Triclops!"... Ok so I don't know if that is actually a "thing" (I may have to trademark it). It's essentially a Three Eyed Mutant (but that doesn't sound as good ;) ).

I do suggest that you use Tracking Markers whilst recording your Footage otherwise you will find your effect "sliding".

In this example I forgot to add tracking markers to the face and instead of re-shooting, I decided to track the eyebrow. whilst not being perfect, It works for this example. So be sure to mark your actors face before shooting (we can always remove them in Post) and you will have a better track.

Part One

In Part One, we will be tracking our movie clip. Since I forgot to add Tracking Markers and I didn't re-shoot, I used the Left Eyebrow as a point to track. (It wasn't a good choice since it moved ever so slightly).

After the Eyebrow is Tracked we can go ahead and add our Mask. We then Parent the Mask to the Marker and are ready to jump into the Node Editor. With a little bit of work we get the "Triclops Effect" (trademark pending ;) )

As I did this tutorial I was wondering if I could do a regular old "Cyclops" effect and at the end of the video I decided to give it a try using the exact same technique. I sped the Video up so you didn't have to wait around. Again the result isn't perfect (thanks to the poor "makeshift" tracking marker I used) but overall it's not a bad attempt.

Part Two

In this Part, we will be using the Video Sequence Editor in order to create a "Scifi News Report" effect. This Part is pretty simple and is more or less down to how you want your final shot to look.

So hopefully this Tutorial helps and if you follow this tutorial and create something cool, be sure to throw a link in the comments to your work!.

Thanks for Watching!

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I make Youtube tutorials for blender Users. From CG and VFX to Animations, Shorts and Asset Creation. I upload tutorials once a week along with any assets we create for you to use in your own projects.

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