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À Toca do Tatu, an mobile platformer made with Blender


Jogos de Botao created a charming little game using Blender to create the game assets. The gameplay reminds me a bit of Marble Madness (blast from the past, anyone? ;-)

"À Toca do Tatu" offers a fresh aproach on mobile platforming. You tilt the device to roll the armadillo around, with precise control over its speed, with dashes to get a boost while you time jump after jump to rescue your children.

All the graphics were made on Blender. The 3D models, animations, levels, texture painting and even the UI elements. I'm so used to Blender that I rather make a play button in it than in any other kind of software. The engine used is Unity. The game is completely done by myself, except for the music. I hope to get enough from it to make the next ones. Please, take a look at the trailer:

Be challenged in 30 levels. Do you enjoy hard platformers? Do you enjoy getting better and better in an easy to learn and hard to master gameplay? This one is for you. You can download it on Play Store.

I hope you all enjoy and I'll be happy to answer any question on the comments below.