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Model download: Ivan


Nikolai writes:

Great news – the work on a 3D model of Ivan is done and it is available for download! In the published blend-file you can find high-poly and low-poly meshes and all textures included. Please check the download link at the bottom of this post.

I have created this character as part of my work on 3D teaser for the Morevna Project. The total work on this model took two months. I have used BlenRig 5  – the awesome Auto-Rigging and Skinning system for Blender by Juan Pablo Bouza. It is a great addon for creating bone systems of humanoids characters. For me it was a good chance to learn how it rig works.

The character’s jacket was an special challenge. For its rig I have used a brand-new “Bendy bones” feature. This feature is not available within the current stable versions of Blender (yet), so please make sure to install the latest development version.


  1. Hi Nikolai! First of all, good model. I wanted to improve my demo reel and I'm definitely gonna use your Ivan character. I have a doubt though. The bones on the jacket set are suppose to be the new bendy bones but I cannot change its parameters (I'm using, of course, the newest development version). Is this a regular behavior or am I missing something? Thanks!

      • Ah, OK, I see. I was expecting that those controls were in one of the Suit layers. So is necessary for animating it to enter in that layer anyway? Or you can animate the jacket properly only with the bones in the Suit layers?

  2. hey! it is amazing!!! but, i need help please!!! Can somebody tell me how to set it up? i cant see textures!!!! and most of the model looks pink! SOS please please!

    • Hi Jonatan! First, you need to unzip the file. Then simply move the texture folder to a one upper folder level. So, you have a folder with the folders "texture" and "ivan-model" in it. Then re-open the file and you got it.

      Of course you can change the file paths for the textures in its datablocks.

    • Hello, Davidenco! First, download the file again. Then in the zip archive you can find the folder "ivan-model". Just extract the entire folder. Then all the way to the texture will be okay!

  3. Ok, I downloaded the Rig. It's a good Rig, but I can't pose the mouth or the eyes. In your Video, there is a
    part with buttons for the parts of the body. But I can't find this feature. I use the 1.77a.

  4. Hey Nikolai! What an Amazing Rig! It's awesome! I'm Not very good by Rigging, so i've got a Question: In your Video about the Rig, you've got a window on the left. I can't find that window! I'm a Blender "noob", so, can YOU help me with this Rig? I Want to animate a "speaking" Ivan, so I Must move the mouth... But I only can find the "Eyeposer"... Thanks for helping, your Philipp

    • Hello Philipp! Yes, install the latest (1.02) version of the Blenrig 5 addon. And then you can find control panel (it will be named BlenRig 5) in "Tool Shelf" panel.

  5. I think, I'm too stupid for that :D... :. Then I press the Button Save User Settings. But there is NOTHING different... I've allready restartet Blender with the Rig... And I also haven't found the panel "Tool Shelf"... Please HELLLLLP D:!

  6. And 5 minutes later, i've got another problem... How can I edit the mouth? I want a speaking Ivan, so I need to open and close the mouth... can anyone help me, please??? D:

    • In the tool shelf you'll find on the top the Armature Layers, you can see it in the very beginning of the video. Just activate Facial 1, 2 and/or 3. You'll got a bunch of controllers for the mouth , nose, eyes and eyebrows.

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