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3D Game Engine for Cycles


Lubos Lenco writes:

Hello! I wrote an introduction of project integrating modern 3D game engine into Blender that I have been working on for a while now. There is still plenty of work ahead, but if this is something of interest to you, the read is available here:

3D Game Engine Introduction

The engine is not yet out, but I am happy to hear any feedback of what you would like to see, or just know if you would be willing to give it a try.


  1. Daniel Abraham Daang on

    I'd love to hear more about it. Please keep me updated on this engine, it looks very promising. 

  2. This look really promissing.
    A node based system is the way to go.

    Keep us posted on your project.
    Perhaps if we could enter pour email on your website, like to a newsletter, to keep people interested.
    You should also contact M. Roosendaal about your project.

    Wishing you all the best.


    • Hey ACLARIEL,

      Thanks(everyone!) for kind reply. Will try to figure out a convenient way for updates, newsletter sounds good and easy. Did not yet get in touch with Ton, would love to hear his feedback though :)

      • Stepan Koppel on

        Please, contact Ton...they are doing "future vieport and game engine" right now and seriously need good hands.
        Please, I dont want to feel like "there was awesome people who made best for blender, but blender foundation did not catch their ideas and work"

      • These deserve you, caused you have realize our dream to be come true :) i think it impossible to make cycles as a real-time rendering of blender game engine. maybe Cycles baking has a good way before, but it limited and you make it possible to make Cycles as a real-time rendering of blender game engine.
        Keep up your work Mr. Lubos!

  3. While it sounds promising the real problem for everyone who really has approached to Blender to develop full videogames is the EULA thing.

    Still I have not seen a commercial game developed with blender (please, post one if you know), where you can sell the copy and the user not bein able to release it freely, according the Blender's license.

    Huge reply's on this topic has been done across several forums, and always it seems to reach a dead end. It simply seem to be clear that if you develop a game with blender, it has to be free since it uses the blender player to be played.

    Again, please prove i'm wrong by putting an example of a commercial game done with blender. I want to be the first to see one.

    • I reply myself. After an in depth read of the document, I found this:

      'Blender add-on suite is licensed under GPL. The core of engine which Blender add-on feeds data into is licensed under LGPL, which is less restrictive. The intention is that if you fork it you have to make it public so others can benefit from it, but you can do whatever you want with your game.'

      I hope this is the case. No one wants to pass months or years learning a tool, just to not to be able to use it. I will be paying close attention to this project.
      If this is accomplished well we could have a gaming engine winner (in the long term). Please keep up the good work!

      • Thanks for nice feedback! There is no Blender Player used. If you make a game, you should be able to publish it without any hassle, that is crucial thing. :)

    • In fact there are some. But few !
      For example on steam there is Krum Edge of darkness, and an other but I can't remember the name.

      • Mrityunjay B on

        yeah true i guess the other one is some sort of prison breakout game (like 4-6 hr experience).......... i guess its "BREAKOUT" but yeah if the cycles game engine got this much of potential then its worth looking for :D

        and hey just to let you know I've create a realtime ARCHVIZ using the PBR branch and it need a lot of work in terms of lighting and performance...............and if this engine develops faster then PBR branch then its really gonna b cool indeed!! :D!

  4. It is going to be a game changer!!!!

    And congrats and thanks to the developer :D

    Cant wait to test it ( hey why dont you put it out i know that it is not stable right now but atleast we van do something with it! :D

  5. Frederick D on

    The wonders of open source development...

    just as BGE's future was looking dim, someone comes around doing everything right to save the idea of the BGE, ie being integrated with the dcc tool, by creating a whole new one !

    Indeed a bit like Brecht secretly worked on Cycles to bring blender rendering to the future.

    And now without the license issues !

    Kudos to you, I wonder what the blender Foundation 's role may be in it going forward !

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